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    19 Names You Won't Believe People Gave Their Babies In 2015

    If you thought "Saint" was out there, wait until you hear these.

    BabyCenter recently released its annual baby naming survey, which collected the names of more than 340,000 babies born in 2015.

    Among the popular names like Sophia and Jackson were these unusual ones, each of which were bestowed upon at least three babies in 2015:

    1. Swayze

    2. Monet

    3. Jedi

    4. Pi

    5. Frooti

    6. Arrow

    7. Everest

    8. Gryffin

    9. Psalm

    10. Sailor

    11. Story

    12. Blade

    13. Heavens

    14. Alabama

    15. Armani

    16. Twinkle

    17. Valkyrie

    18. Aristotle

    19. Inigo

    To see the full list of 2015's unusual names, and for all the naming-trend news you could ever need, visit BabyCenter.