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17 Moms Who Are Really, Really, Really Mean

Mean moms mean business.

1. If a mean mom lets their kid throw a party, it's not going to be one of those "sitting around texting" parties.

wemaybecrazy / Via

These teens are actually going to talk to each other. Shocking!

2. Mean moms know just how to punish their kids if they won't stop arguing.

3. You know what else mean moms don't put up with? Kids who have messy rooms.

callkdsmith / Via

4. And kids β€” you'd better pick up your toys around the house, too.

bradybeeson / Via

The text under TOY JAIL reads: "You left it out and Mom picked it up. I've got your stuff, you're out of luck! To get it back you must do a chore, then it's yours just like before."


5. If a kid needs a little extra motivation to help out, a mean moms know just how to give it.

Twitter: @J_Golds8712


6. If you think a mean mom is going to let their kid just bum around over a school holiday, well...

7. Mean moms' punishments come in all forms.

jewelsriv / Via

"I will do my homework, I will do my homework, I will do my homework, I will do my homework, I will do my homework, I will do my homework, I will do my homework..."

8. Sometimes their punishments toe the line between evil and genius.

thebakermama / Via

9. And if a mean mom says you've lost TV privileges, it means you have LOST TV PRIVILEGES.

10. Memo to kids: if you're thinking about testing a mean mom, you'd be making a mistake. A BIG one.

greenaria / Via


11. One more thing kids β€” if you leave your Lego bricks all over the floor for everyone to step on, a mean mom is going to return the favor β€” big time.

12. Mean moms don't let their kids get away with saying, "I'm bored" β€” even when they have friends over.

jenlo_3 / Via

13. Some moms let their kids win. Mean moms make their kids earn it.

little_lady_paradise / Via

That way when they DO finally win it'll mean something.

14. Mean moms don't do the whole "make you something different for dinner" game.

Twitter: @CaraAchterberg

Mommy don't play that.

15. And when you're in a mean mom's kitchen, kids, you better keep it clean. Or else.

butterballkeywell625 / Via

16. Kids don't always like their mean moms...

17. But they love them β€” because in the end mean moms raise kids into adults who have their stuff together.

kate_michele0608 / Via

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