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    These Kids Dressed Up As 100-Year-Olds Are Too Cute To Handle

    They're old at heart.

    If you have a grade schooler, you know the 100th Day of School is a super-fun day when kids learn about the number 100.

    vickyc_y / Via

    1. Schools celebrate the day in a lot of fun ways, but the funniest — by far — is when they ask kids to dress up like they're 100 years old.

    5kye4lexandra / Via

    2. This kid has the Benjamin Button look down cold.

    rlovell1414 / Via

    3. And this kid definitely has a bowl of hard candy at her home.

    atrublondie / Via

    4. The epic eyebrows really make this costume work.

    nessamarie_25 / Via

    5. This centenarian looks damn good for his age, don't you think?

    candypete23 / Via

    6. We've all seen an old lady buying canned soup at the supermarket who looks EXACTLY like this.

    nvlwood / Via

    7. He looks 100-years-old... and like a hipster.

    valpalchavez / Via

    8. The definition of a cute little old lady.

    petitenurse / Via

    9. Is that you, Grandpa?

    jessiev06 / Via

    10. This kid is working the walker.

    popster_ray_lynn81 / Via

    11. The necklace is a perfect old-timer touch, don't you think?

    elainejoan / Via

    12. This kid's suspenders and bow tie are pretty perfect too.

    _klough_ / Via

    13. And this kid's curlers are a hilarious bit of detail.

    arosales2515 / Via

    14. This kid looks like he loves a good early bird special.

    my5s0ns / Via

    15. And this kid looks like he's been growing this beard for decades.

    holls_1988 / Via

    16. This grandma-in-training wants to sit you down and tell you about life in The Great Depression.

    beautifullyswirled / Via

    17. This kid looks like he's the life of the retirement home.

    lcwilliams_ / Via

    18. This kiddo's old person expression is on point.

    rcarterfamily / Via

    19. And this tiny hero really sold the old. 😂

    _hiz_t3mptation / Via

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