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    Updated on May 3, 2020. Posted on May 1, 2020

    19 Kids Who — Oh Boy! — Will Need To Be Resocialized When This Is All Over

    When they can go back into public...they probably shouldn't.

    1. This kid, who threw every roll of toilet paper their family had into the bath:

    u/Bryan31285 / Via

    2. This kid, who probably shouldn't be brought out in public anymore (even if he could be):

    My son is singing “Back with crack, behind my sack” to the tune of “Back in Black” in case you’re wondering what we learned at homeschool today.

    3. This kid, who may need an exorcism:

    2 yo: *running after his brother, screaming in a demonic tone* 12 yo: The power of Christ compels you. 2: *immediately falls to floor in silence* Me: Anyone know if I can Zoom an exorcist?

    4. This kid, who is regressing:

    My kid was supposed to enter second grade but after months of homeschooling he’ll be going back to kindergarten.

    5. This kid, who now eats dog treats:

    No one: Not a damn soul: 7: can I have 3 of those dog treats for a snack tonight?

    6. And this kid, who now eats in the bathroom:

    I get being possessive of your food, but my kid just took his s’more to the bathroom and that feels a bit extreme

    7. This kid who forgot how to eat pizza:

    Yes hi my 5 year old ate orange slices on his pizza and I’d like the number for the FBI please

    8. And these kids, who...well, just look:

    Quarantine level: kids are fighting over who ate the most pretend food.

    9. This kid, who has gone full Billy Madison:

    My son drew abs on his stomach with a sharpie and then fell asleep holding a bag of Doritos and I think we finally have the hero we all deserve.

    10. This kid, who has forgotten how to take notes:

    I told my kid to watch a documentary about dogs and take notes for a school project. Her notes .... #dogdogdogdog

    11. This kid, who can't even do the smallest amount of work:

    Please say a prayer for my 8 year old son, he has to write 4 sentences.

    12. And this kid, who has lost touch with what is and isn't appropriate:

    u/CivilizedPsycho / Via

    13. This kid, who should be watched 24/7 now:

    My kid just walled her sister into the pillow fort cause she was "mean" and that's some real cask of amontillado shit

    14. This kid, who has stopped changing his clothes:

    If you see my kid on zoom in the same clothes he’s been wearing the past five days mind your business our homeschool has a uniform.

    15. And this kid, who now sleeps outdoors:

    Pretty sure my kid has been sleeping in a tent outside solo for 7 or 8 days now. I lost count. Tonight he said he wants to make it 25 days of COVID-19. Welcome to my homeschool.

    16. This kid, who no longer knows what day it is:

    7-year-old: Is today a weekday? Me: Yes. 7: How can you tell?

    17. This kid, who has started to roam the backyard like this:

    u/MandoRamhorn / Via

    18. These kids, who...have changed:

    Grandma: So hows homeschool going? *kids in the background* 9: *singing* I’m never wearing pants again! 4: Fuck yeah Me: It’s going great, grandma!

    19. And this kid, who no longer knows how to do bedtime:

    What I said: Time for bed. What my kids heard: Time to swing from the ceiling fan and try to land on the couch!

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