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19 Tooth Fairy Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

These are definitely worth losing a tooth for.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

1. DIY an a-door-able tooth fairy door.

When your kid gets their first loose tooth you can put this up in their room so the tooth fairy has a way in. Find the DIY here.

2. You can also order a door if you're not the crafty type.


Get this one here for $21.82.

3. Don't just give your kid money — give them fairy-dusted glitter money!

This easy DIY uses hairspray and glitter. Learn more here.

4. Blow your kid's mind by letting them discover the tooth fairy left her wand behind.


Get one here for $6.99.

5. Capture the moment in the night when the tooth fairy visits your kid.

This website will let you add three unique images of the tooth fairy to a photo of your slumbering kid for $9.95.

6. Have some fun with "tooth fairy dust."

Flickr: shannamae / Via Creative Commons

Before bed have your kid sprinkle some of this outside your home (on the grass or sidewalk) so the tooth fairy knows she needs to visit!

7. Leave some of the tooth fairy's footsteps on the window sill.

Sarah Quinn / Via

All you need is some glitter and a doll's shoe to make proof the tooth fairy was really there.

8. Have the tooth fairy leave a fairy-sized letter for your kid.

Money AND a letter from the tooth fairy? What kid wouldn't love that? Learn more — and find the free printable — here.

9. DIY a tooth fairy pillow with a pocket where your kid can put their tooth.

These are great because — instead of having to desperately search under your kid's pillow for their tooth — you only have to reach into the pocket. Find the DIY here.

10. You can also buy a tooth fairy pillow if you're not the DIY type.

Order one of these adorable pillows — including the pirate or ninja version — here for $15.99.

11. If your kid is a light sleeper, you can get them a tooth fairy box.


This way you won't even have to go near your kid's bed and risk waking them up. Get one here for $9.95.

12. Give your kid a $1 gold coin on this super-cute printable.

You can (usually) get these coins at your local bank. The printable can be found here.

13. You can also transform a dollar bill into this money basket and fill it with coins.

Now, that's cool. Learn more — and find a link to an easy YouTube tutorial — here.

14. Don't like the basket? Try this origami heart.

Learn how here.

15. A tooth fairy pressed penny also makes an incredible surprise in the morning.

Perfect for making a lifelong memory. Order one here for $2.99.

16. Have the tooth fairy leave behind a receipt.

A transaction as special as this calls for a receipt, don't you think? Learn more about how to do this here.

17. Try this "twirling tooth fairy" tradition.

At night your kid drops their tooth to the bottom of a normal glass of water, then wakes in the morning to discover the tooth is gone and the water is now colored. When your kid asks what happened, you explain the tooth fairy's dress colored the water when she dove in to get the tooth. Learn more here.

18. Commemorate each lost tooth with this chalkboard.

Later, you can collect all the photos into an adorable collage. Get it here for $30.

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