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19 Tooth Fairy Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

These are definitely worth losing a tooth for.

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9. DIY a tooth fairy pillow with a pocket where your kid can put their tooth.

These are great because — instead of having to desperately search under your kid's pillow for their tooth — you only have to reach into the pocket. Find the DIY here.


12. And if your kid is a REALLY light sleeper, you can hang a tooth fairy pillow on the outside of their door.

This way you can swap your kid's tooth out for money without even having to go into their room. Order one here for $12.


18. Try this "twirling tooth fairy" tradition.

At night your kid drops their tooth to the bottom of a normal glass of water, then wakes in the morning to discover the tooth is gone and the water is now colored. When your kid asks what happened, you explain the tooth fairy's dress colored the water when she dove in to get the tooth. Learn more here.