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    19 Hilarious Back-To-School Tweets From Parents Who Have Been There

    "What wine pairs well with back to school supply shopping?"

    1. By the end of the summer you are ready for it to be OVER:

    It's that point during summer where parents are starting to look how teachers looked at the end of the school year.

    2. Like, REALLY ready:

    My kids don't seem to be as excited as me for the "Back to School Countdown" calendar I created.

    3. But getting your kids onboard is a challenge:

    Me(motivational voice):Ok guys, who's ready to go back to school?! *Everyone starts crying* Well that didn't go well at all. #BackToSchool

    4. You WILL face resistance:

    Me: School starts in a few weeks. 6-year-old: Tell them I'm busy. Damn. I didn't know that was an option.

    5. And you'll have to pretend you're not as excited as you are:

    "I'm so sad, buddy," I tell my son after he asks how I feel about him going back to school in 2 days. My tone is convincing but the big smile on my face kinda gives it away.

    6. Or, er, maybe you won't:

    Son: Everyone in New Jersey is sad. Husband: Why? Son: Because today's the last day of summer break. Me: [from next room] NOT EVERYONE, KID.

    7. Of course, there's plenty of annoying stuff you need to do to get your kid ready β€” like BTS shopping:

    What wine pairs well with back to school supply shopping? Asking for a friend.

    8. Which makes your bank account cry:

    Back to School shopping, a.k.a: "How can you have outgrown EVERYTHING you wore last year? You mean I have to buy you a whole new wardrobe??"

    9. Your kids will want to buy ridiculous things:

    Back to school shopping. I sit outside the changing room like Simon Cowell. Sorry, it’s a no from me.

    10. Then there's shopping for school supplies, which can get ugly:

    Just caught someone trying to steal my kid's school supplies out of our cart at Target. Lady don't even think of taking my $2 plastic ruler.

    11. Ditto for school snack shopping:

    Me: *buys a year's worth of snacks* OK kids, remember, these are for school. Kids: *have already eaten all the snacks*

    12. Not all the shopping is bad, though, LOL:

    You know it's Back to School time when moms alone at Target are high-fiving when they pass each other in the aisles.

    13. Now about the first day β€” you might want to practice for it:

    Practicing for the first day of school by muttering "we're late," throwing cereal on the floor & making sure every outfit is the wrong one.

    14. Because it will be a workout:

    Resistance training But me dragging my kids into school.

    15. And you'll need to be prepared:

    We have an emergency! Tomorrow is the first day of school and we don't have a little chalkboard for our kids to hold for the FB photos.

    16. You'll also need to maintain some decorum:

    Parenting Tip: Kids will not appreciate pics of you popping champagne corks after you drop them back at school

    17. Like, you'll want to be cool:

    Every kid I see, I yell BACK TO SCHOOL!! Then laugh. Bye brats πŸ‘‹πŸ»

    18. Because not every parents feels like you do:

    Sorry I gave you a high five when you said your kids went back to school today...I thought you were fake-crying to be funny. My fault.

    19. But! Before long your little monsters will be back at school and you'll be able to enjoy it:

    The best part of kids going back to school is I can play Fortnite again without getting killed so fast.

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