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    19 Hilarious Tweets About Having To Sit At The Kids' Table On Thanksgiving

    "Don't expect me to sit at the kids' table at Thanksgiving and not give me a basket at Easter."

    1. This pre-Thanksgiving anxiety:

    2. And this more intense anxiety:

    3. This truth:

    4. Hoping this is the year:

    When you don't have to sit at the kids table at Thanksgiving anymore

    5. But finding out it's not:

    When mom says you have to sit at the kids table for Thanksgiving #bishwhat

    6. Not taking it so well:

    7. When your parents add insult to injury:

    8. This silent protest:

    9. This threat/reminder to anyone who would leave you behind:

    10. There's the shame:

    11. The barely concealed disdain:

    12. The suffering in silence:

    13. The smiling through the tears:

    When you get put at the kids table on Thanksgiving..@HiGH_ROLLER__ 😂😂

    14. The "help me" stare:

    15. And the re-evaluation of your entire life:

    When your parents make you sit at the little kids table for thanksgiving dinner

    16. When your table mates make things worse:

    Twitter: @lauren3117

    "Me when the little cousins ask me if I got games on my phone."

    17. The realization that maybe it's you:

    18. And finally... acceptance:

    19. #Kid4Lyfe: