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    19 Weirdos Who Wrote Some Really, Really Funny Stuff In Public Bathrooms

    "She got dumps like a truck, truck, truck."

    1. This invention we're all still waiting for:

    moak_and_woak / Via

    2. You really shouldn't laugh at this one, but:

    genefarris / Via

    3. This situation-appropriate adaptation of Sisqó:

    4. This message that takes a surprise twist:

    /pepsiguy24 / Via

    5. This Yelp re-poo, er, review:

    f1v39733n / Via

    6. This not exactly great advice:

    seeninthestall / Via

    7. This awkward moment between Captain Kirk and Scotty:

    sasky83 / Via

    It reads: "Don't beam me up, Scotty, I'm taking a sh...."

    8. This adorable "Don't smoke!" birdie:

    u/Cl0udMak3r / Via

    9. This 100% wholesome "your mom" joke:

    pepsiguy24 / Via

    10. This very important movie review:

    vikingjustice / Via

    11. This supportive bathroom buddy:

    seeninthestall / Via

    12. Plus this confused bathroom buddy:

    seeninthestall / Via

    13. And this buddy you don't want to run into:

    seeninthestall / Via

    14. This tongue twister that majorly upgraded the woodchuck:

    jstricker13 / Via

    15. This poetry that will bring a tear to your eye:

    catemple92 / Via

    16. This #1 fan still stanning hard 30+ years later:

    in_stall_grams / Via

    17. This real talk:

    seeninthestall / Via

    18. This observation you'll be thinking about for a while:

    seeninthestall / Via

    "Don't drink water. Fish have sex in it."

    19. And this one, which may not be graffiti, but has to be one of the best things ever to happen in a bathroom:

    seeninthestall / Via

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