If These Parenting Comics Don't Make You Laugh You Don't Have Kids

    Being a parent can be pretty comical.

    1. This classic new parent realization.

    2. And those over the top, new parent worries.

    3. This on-point toddler advice.

    4. Your new, family-sized shopping experiences.

    5. This traumatic moment.

    6. Literally. Every. Time.

    7. This "been there" moment.

    8. This kid + technology horror story.

    9. This very sexy alone time.

    10. And this "alone" time.

    11. This nap time truism.

    12. This hot new parenting product.

    13. These car seat struggles.

    14. This LOL-tastic, yet sort of brilliant, hack.

    15. This too-real truth about eating out.

    16. Those first day of school/day care blues.

    17. Your new opinion of fireworks.

    18. This plan for the future.

    19. And this warning to anyone who plans to give your kid a gift.