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    19 Hilarious People Who Were Wildly Inappropriate Or Just Kind Of Weird At Christmas

    DISCLAIMER: If you believe Christmas should be treated with the utmost respect...this is not the post for you.

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Let's check in on some people who think 'tis the season to be really, really goofy, inappropriate, or just plain weird, shall we?

    1. First, this troublemaker switched around the "Merry Christmas" blocks to read:

    blocks that say Mr Creamy Shits

    2. This The Office fan made a Christmas cookie of Dwight (doing Hannibal Lecter) in the famous CPR episode:

    Dwight cookie


    cookie versus real Dwight

    3. And this goofball — after their friend said, "All you ever make are hot dogs" — gifted them these Christmas cookies:

    hot dog Christmas cookies

    4. This UFO enthusiast (I'm guessing) found a "Believe" Christmas decoration and hilariously altered it:

    alien heads on a believe sign

    5. This funny person has a holiday tradition of adding Shrek to the nativity scene:

    Shrek toy in a nativity scene

    “That'll do Mary and Joseph — that'll do.”

    6. And this delightfully weird person has a nativity scene that's even wackier:

    Nativity scene with various characters

    7. This husband is on Day 2 of waiting for his wife to notice the tomato he hung on their Christmas tree:

    tomato amongst red ornaments on a Christmas tree

    Behold...The Great Christmas Tomato Watch of 2022!

    closeup of tomato

    8. This holiday baker refuses to make cookies the way everyone else does (boy, do I wish I knew them IRL):

    one large thumbprint cookie

    9. This jokester showed up at the holiday party with these cookies:

    sliced cucumber pieces with the sign "salad cookies"

    10. This innocent grandma made these "candle" cookies without realizing that...OH PLEASE, SHE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS DOING:

    phallic-looking candle cookie

    11. And this mom made these cookies (I'll leave it up to you to decide if she knew what she was doing or not):

    cookies that look like female genitalia

    12. This kid decided to shoot for the absolute stars with his Christmas list, casually asking for a "main battle tank T-72...$500,000" AND "Land Rover Discovery...$80,179":

    Christmas wish list with exorbitantly priced items

    13. This Norwegian town ordered a Christmas horse decoration, got sent a kangaroo decoration by mistake, and decided to just go with it:

    lit up kangaroo decoration

    14. And this fan of Squid Game raised the stakes on Christmas morning:

    Squid game cookie

    15. This dad — after his son gave him a puzzle of his dog doing his business as a white elephant gift — finished the puzzle, framed the damn thing, and re-gifted it to his son for Christmas:

    framed puzzle of a dog pooping

    16. This mall has a unique — make that very unique — take on the traditional Christmas tree:

    tree made of wooden pieces

    17. This baker (calling them a baker might be a stretch) made these cookies, which are short on technique but long on attitude:

    cookies with dark messages

    18. This person's tree seems to be almost exclusively decorated with food-themed ornaments...including a couple that are just sticks of butter:

    sticks of butter hanging on a Christmas tree among food ornaments

    19. And lastly, this guy passed over the card aisle and instead made his best friend this wildly, wildly, WILDLY inappropriate card instead:

    a drawing of two trash cans having sex with the note: Here's your Christmas card — sorry it's f*cking rubbish