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    19 Celebrities Who Tweet Exactly The Way They Are IRL

    Yes, they really ARE like that.

    1. When you totally read this in Mindy's voice because it is SO Mindy:

    2. When The Rock shared this tidbit about growing up that we can 100% believe 😂:

    3. When Kristen Bell tweeted this marriage advice that confirms she's every bit as good-hearted (and wise) as she seems:

    I was writing a note 2 friends who were getting hitched. I wrote congratulations then thought "Kristen! Arent u old & married? Dont u have any wisdome to share?!" When i was done, I realized Id written the A-Z of what keeps my marriage w/@daxshepard1 healthy. #HappyValentinesDay

    4. When Steve Martin made us smile with his trademark whimsy:

    5. When J.K. Rowling brought the take-no-shit attitude that helped her go from a struggling single mom to the highest-paid author in the world:

    @jk_rowling / Via Twitter: @jk_rowling

    6. When Ryan Reynolds was every bit the hilarious smartass he seems IRL:

    7. When Tiffany Haddish dropped another painfully honest howler:

    8. When good guy Chris Pratt sent out prayers for someone who needed them:

    Twitter: @prattprattpratt

    Director/actor Kevin Smith pulled through and is now out of the hospital, btw.

    9. When Anna Kendrick's wry sense of humor was on display:

    Dear Yahoo: how do I get to this timeline where I've slept with Enrique Iqlesias please and thank you.

    10. When Amy Schumer brought her brand of sarcasm:

    So nervous. I'm up next #MissUniverse2015

    11. When Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda shared his own version of the Paw Patrol theme he made for his son:

    I don’t know Paw Patrol as well, he’s working with me

    12. When LeBron James showed the determination that made him what he is:

    13. When Kelly Clarkson was every bit the sweetheart she seems:

    14. When Jaden Smith tweeted this, which is, well, so Jaden (and only Jaden):

    15. When Adele confirmed she was basically like all of us (except for her golden pipes):

    16. When Cardi B explained the philosophy she lives by:

    17. When Bette Midler brought the "Oh, no she didn't!" sass she's been known for over 40 years:

    18. When Conan O'Brien was darkly funny in the most Conan-like way possible:

    19. And when Chrissy Teigen proved she and her relationship were as playfully funny as they seem:

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