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    19 Cringingly Funny Dads Who Have Their Own Way Of Getting Things Done

    What exactly happens to men once they have kids?

    1. Fixing a leaky burrito with a diaper? Total dad move:

    Loveswhatmatters⠀ / Via

    2. Ditto for cooling your kids' chicken nuggets this way:

    2daughterkarma / Via

    3. Only a dad would dream up this idea to stop his kids from losing the remote:

    judyjolley17 / Via

    4. And only a dad would do this instead of buying a hat:

    michaelvernong / Via

    Total dad move: Spending $100+ on a ticket, but $0 on a hat.

    5. Biting the alphabet out of pretzels? You know a dad was involved:

    u/Mashpoe / Via

    6. This plot to get a kid to eat veggies is 100% a dad move:

    daddilife / Via

    Or, at least, an epic dad prank.

    7. More dad moves? How about this dad who bought a toaster that toasted his face into bread:

    u/missmonami / Via

    8. Giving your daughter a makeover in your image is also definitely a dad move:

    u/FredFortin / Via

    9. So is trolling your kids, like this dad who "texted" his daughter after taking away her phone:

    bailee_xox / Via Twitter: @bailee_xox

    10. Speaking of troll jobs, this one should go in the Dad Hall of Fame:

    satanstamale / Via

    11. Cracking jokes at the worst possible time? #DadMove:

    12. Being embarrassing — and hilarious — in public? Also #DadMove:

    nicolaxlily / Via

    13. Remember earlier this year when there was a false report of an incoming missile to Hawaii? This dad dadded the hell out of the moment:

    14. This here...this is the work of a dad:

    foreplaypod / Via

    15. And so is this:

    athomedaddy2016 / Via

    16. Only a dad would post something like this on Facebook:

    millie_kay / Via Twitter: @millie_kay

    17. And only a dad would specially make a shirt decorated with the face of baseball's oldest player Bartolo Colon:

    Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @jareddiamond

    18. Speaking of shirts that only a dad could buy:

    19. And lastly, struggling with that classic dad nemesis — technology — is the most dad move of all:

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