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18 Charts About Babies That Will Make New Parents Go, "That's Helpful!"

You're going to want to bookmark this.

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1. Swaddle your baby in five easy steps:

Jehsomwang / Getty Images

2. Here's how much milk you should feed your baby:

Via Kiddicare.

3. Keep tabs on your baby's development:

Via Ovia Parenting.

4. Figure out your baby's shoe size (this is super useful for ordering online):


5. Deal with your baby's crying better:


6. Consult this chart to find out when you should — and shouldn't — be worried about your baby's poop:

Via Cleveland Clinic Children's.

7. Know when your baby is hungry before they lose their you-know-what:

Via the Government of Western Australia's Department of Health.

8. Safely bathe your baby:

Via Visualistan.

9. Know how many diapers your baby will go through each day:

10. Find out which type of cloth diaper is best for you:

11. This is how much your baby should be sleeping each day:

Via She Knows.

12. Make shopping easier with these sizing charts for popular baby clothing brands:

Via Consignment Mommies.

13. Find out what shots your baby needs, and when:

Via Ochsner Health.

14. Brush up on how to perform infant CPR:

Via CPR Certified Indigo Medical Training.

15. Learn six different ways to wrap your baby:

Via Pishposh Baby.

16. Put together the ultimate diaper bag:

Via Swaddles n' Bottles.

17. Want to teach your baby sign language? Start here:

Via Baby Sign Language.

18. Lastly, this one is like a photography class rolled up into an infographic:

Via Little Orange Photography.


A chart previously included in this post has been removed over safety concerns.

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