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19 "Before And After" Photos That Are Absolutely Incredible To Look At


1. A mosquito before and after a meal:

u/The-Leviathan / Via

2. A house plant before watering and about an hour afterward:

edafternoone / Via

3. A rough stone before and after being polished:

/thekingbun / Via

4. Southern California before and after a wet winter:

u/Remnarc / Via

5. And Northern California before and after a rainy winter:

u/SweetnessTheWarlock / Via

6. A backyard in Puerto Rico before and after a hurricane:

u/viktoriaschultz / Via

7. Someone writing their name 20 times before and after taking their ADHD medication:

u/dos_peter / Via

8. A kid's pedal tractor bought in 1983 before and after being restored:

u/squirrelfart / Via

9. A dryer sheet before and after being used:

u/XiphiasZ / Via

10. Caterpillars before and after their branch was bumped:

u/indissippiana / Via

11. An Australian coin before and after being submerged in cola for eight hours:

u/mulderitsme93 / Via

12. A scoliosis patient before and after getting a spinal fusion:

u/kiefydreams / Via

13. A backyard in upstate New York before and after 18 inches of snow:

u/mattographer / Via

14. Work boots before and after being oiled:

u/tofflemire_dds / Via

15. This woman's neck before and after having a thyroid goiter removed:

u/necropuppy / Via

16. This cute doggo before and after getting groomed:

u/3InARow / Via

17. A chandelier from a smoker's home before and after being cleaned:

u/NineInchSNAILS413 / Via

18. An old can opener before and after being cleaned:

u/odbal / Via

19. And a forest area before and after logging:

mightyatom / Via

H/T: r/mildlyinteresting

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