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19 Bacon Hacks You'll Wish You'd Learned A Whole Lot Sooner

Mmmmm... You're bacon me crazy, bacon.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

1. The easiest way to cook bacon is in the oven (and it's equally delicious).

Say goodbye to grease burns and hello to cooking a pound of bacon in mere minutes! Head over to All Recipes to get the deets on how — and why — you should bake bacon.

2. Want to quickly cook a WHOLE LOT MORE than a pound of bacon? Try this clever oven hack.

lowcarbjonna / Via

They're cooking about 3 pounds of bacon in the image above, with what looks like room for more! You'll want to put a pan on the bottom to catch all the fat, of course.

3. To find out if a package of bacon is mostly meat or mostly fat, turn it over and look at the window.

Higher-quality bacon contains more meat than fat, so when you turn it over you should clearly see meat through the window. See this tip and a couple other good ones from Crazy Russian Hacker.

4. If you’re in a hurry, put bacon on a bowl on a plate and microwave it — the grease will roll down the sides of the bowl resulting in surprisingly crispy bacon!

See this and seven other good cooking hacks from BuzzFeed Video.

5. You can also cook bacon in a waffle iron.

thelaughingcowusa / Via

This is great when you just want a little bacon quickly. A bonus is that the waffle iron will pull the grease away from the cooking surface, leaving you with crisp and yumilicious bacon.

6. Have a sweetie who is sweet on bacon? Make them a bouquet of bacon roses!

7. Use bacon to reheat fast-food french fries so that they're crispy and delicious instead of soggy and gross.

View this video on YouTube

8. Make a bowl out of bacon. REPEAT: You can make a bowl out of bacon.

Let's keep it real, though — there's literally nothing you can put inside a bacon bowl that will upstage it. Learn how to make this majestic creation at Not Martha.

9. You can also turn bacon into a cup — like in this cheesy bacon egg cup.

Tasty / Via

Find the recipe at Tasty.

10. Make a bacon weave so that your BLT, bacon burger, or breakfast sandwich has a taste of bacon in every bite.

rickpinneyjr / Via

Find the how-to over at Country Living.

11. Once you master the bacon weave, you can make BACON TACO SHELLS!!!

greatbigbacon / Via

I mean, you guys, bacon taco shells. Sometimes this world is too beautiful for us all. Learn how to make your own at Dude Foods.

12. Want to make peeling bacon strips off the slab a whole lot easier? Wrap a rubber band or hair tie around the package and put it in the fridge.


Later, when you cook it, the bacon strips will be easier to separate.

13. Add some water to the pan for perfect, no-splatter cooking.

America's Test Kitchen / Via

Get the deets at Wonder How To.

14. Craving onion rings but trying to eat low-carb? Use bacon instead of breading!

View this video on YouTube

15. Here's an amazingly easy way to make at-home bacon cinnamon rolls.

kshelton866 / Via

Unroll the cinnamon roll, insert a bacon strip, roll it back up and cook! Here's the recipe.

16. You can use leftover bacon fat to make seriously upgraded versions of all kinds of food, like this hot bacon salad dressing.

Find the droolworthy recipe at Home Sweet Eats.

17. You can also use bacon fat to make unforgettable baconnaise.

18. Here's one more genius thing to do with bacon fat — use it to make bacon peanut caramel corn.

Macey J. Foronda / Via BuzzFeed

Want to see 25 more recipes using bacon fat? Look here.

19. Not a meat eater? Use rice paper to make vegan bacon that actually tastes freaking amazing!

veganjohnsie / Via

You can find a popular recipe for rice paper bacon at the Edgy Veg.