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19 Back-To-School Trends That Are Blowing Up On Pinterest

How many of these have you pinned?

According to data provided to BuzzFeed by Pinterest, there have been 72 million back-to-school Pins since the start of July.

So what back-to-school stuff are people most interested in this year?

To find out, Pinterest examined the top searches, top Pins and Pinfluencer insights of those 72 million Pins. Here's what they discovered — the ten biggest back-to-school trends of 2015:

1. Pouches as the preferred way to organize school supplies.

2. Boots as the cool back-to-school footwear.

3. Creative lunch box ideas.

4. Notebooks with an artistic flair.

5. The resurgence of "old school" heritage backpacks.

6. Backpack fresheners.

7. DIY stickers for school projects, supplies, and more.

8. Homework stations.

9. T-shirts with a sense of humor.

10. "I love you" notes for your kids.

And these Pins are currently trending in the back-to-school category:

11. Elaborate sandwich art.

12. DIY sparkly and studded sneakers.

13. Fatigue-fighting strategies.

14. Outfit planning and closet organization.

15. Hacks for keeping food hot.

16. Mason jars as the perfect teacher gift.

17. Ditching plastic sandwich/snack bags.

18. Grab and go breakfasts.

19. Crock pot meals for easy school night dinners.