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    17 Pictures Parents Are Guaranteed To Laugh At


    1. When your parents take the kids for a few hours:

    Flickr: lucymaude / Via Creative Commons

    2. What it's like trying to use the bathroom with a toddler:

    3. When your baby is on to your bullshit:

    Flickr: dionhinchcliffe / Via Creative Commons

    4. When your kid walks in on you and your partner eating ice cream after you specifically told them you were out:

    Flickr: quirky / Via Creative Commons

    5. How your single friend reacts when you actually show up to their party:

    Flickr: russellbernice / Via Creative Commons

    6. Trying to keep tabs on both of your kids when they're acting crazy in public:

    Flickr: thevlue / Via Creative Commons

    7. When you've had it with your partner for not helping out with the kids:

    Flickr: christigain / Via Creative Commons

    8. When your kid wakes up and you realize the "Tooth Fairy" forgot to come:

    Flickr: lanevids / Via Creative Commons

    9. When you're watching your kid trick or treat at a stranger's house:

    Flickr: crazyoctopus / Via Creative CommonsW

    10. When you're super tired but still trying to listen to your kid describe an episode of My Little Pony:

    Flickr: 24874528@N04 / Via Creative Commons

    11. When your kid is given a bad gift but trying to be polite because you raised them right:

    Flickr: lanevids / Via Creative Commons

    12. When your kid talks back to you:

    Flickr: 8921946@N05 / Via Creative Commons

    13. When you show your discerning baby an episode of Caillou:

    Flickr: bryangeek / Via Creative Commons

    14. What your kid sees when you try to act cool:

    Flickr: lolcomedy / Via Creative Commons

    15. Waiting in the dropoff line at school:

    Flickr: betzywd / Via Creative Commons

    16. The moment your kid hears their first dad joke:

    Flickr: futurestreet / Via Creative Commons

    17. And when someone makes the mistake of messing with your kid:

    Flickr: christigain / Via Creative Commons