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18 Ways To Get Involved At Your Kid’s School

I'ma let you finish, but kids with involved parents have some of the best grades of all time!

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1. Find (at least) 3 hours.

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Volunteering even just three hours a year (the time it takes to re-watch Titanic) is enough to make an impact in your child's performance, according to The National Parent-Teacher Association's Three for Me Program.


9. Share your expertise.

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If you have an interesting job, ask if you can give a classroom presentation about it. Similarly, if you have a special skill or knowledge students would benefit from learning about, inquire about sharing it with them.

10. Offer to chaperone field trips.

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Looking after all those kids is a big job, so let the school know you'd like to go along for the ride. The bus driver especially will appreciate the extra help.


13. Help out in science centers and computer labs.

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An especially great place to offer one-on-one help is in science, art and computer labs. If you have a familiarity with any of these subjects students will benefit tremendously from your presence.

15. Assist with extra curricular activities like drama and art.

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You don't think kids learn these funky moves without a little extra help, do you? Parents can assist with costumes for the school plays, or even offer to wash the smocks in the art room.


17. Don’t be afraid to try out different ways to be involved.

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If one hat doesn't fit, so to speak, try another. It might take a little to find the involvement that works best for you, but once you do you’ll be happy and able to play a more valuable role at the school.

18. Lastly, don’t forget to stay involved at home.

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Volunteering at school isn’t always possible, but you can help the classroom run more smoothly by making sure your child understands their work and is always prepared.