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    18 Ways To Get Involved At Your Kid’s School

    I'ma let you finish, but kids with involved parents have some of the best grades of all time!

    1. Find (at least) 3 hours.

    2. Learn your school's volunteer policy.

    3. Ask your kids how they’d like you to be involved.

    4. Be proactive.

    5. Go to PTA meetings.

    6. Ask about "Take Your Family To School Week."

    7. Sign up to be a class reader.

    8. Volunteer to be a classroom parent.

    9. Share your expertise.

    10. Offer to chaperone field trips.

    11. Lend a hand at dances and recitals.

    12. Tutor students.

    13. Help out in science centers and computer labs.

    14. Check in with the library.

    15. Assist with extra curricular activities like drama and art.

    16. You can assist on the sports field, too.

    17. Don’t be afraid to try out different ways to be involved.

    18. Lastly, don’t forget to stay involved at home.