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18 Friends You Make When You Have Kids

Your social life was never like this before kids.

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1. The friend who brings the party.

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They supply wine at playdates and are always scheming to persuade you to take a kid-free weekend to Vegas. They're a little crazy but fun — in small doses.

2. The friend you can talk to with total honesty about your parent life.


You know they won't judge you or your kid if you drop the pretense of being a perfect parent, so you share everything including the epically embarrassing tantrums at Target and bouts of lice.


5. The friend you met at your kid's school.


You used to keep the stuff that bugged you about your kid's school to yourself until you met them. Now the two of you call it out and fight the good fight at PTA meetings.

6. The friend you met online.

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They were the funniest and most sane member of the mom group you joined on Facebook. It didn't take long before you started emailing and messaging each other about the craziness in your lives.


11. The Saturday soccer friend.

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You don't love getting up early every Saturday but their funny quips — especially about the crazy parents and coaches — make it a little easier.