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18 Things That Will Make Parents Go, "I Thought It Was Just My Kid!"

Your kid's basically on the "president or prison" track.

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1. Your kid can impress the heck out of you by doing something you never could, like solving a Rubik's cube... / Via Creative Commons

2. But they also love hanging out in a cardboard box.

weicat628 / Via

3. Your kid gets a glowing report on parent/teacher night...

4. But also cries literal tears when they have to do a worksheet with eight lousy math questions on it.

alvetskyadventures / Via

5. Your kid has become an expert about something that interests them like dinosaurs, and is able to regale you with fact after fact after fact about it...


6. But they also can’t find socks in a drawer that is literally full of socks.

lifeandamugoftea / Via

7. Your kid can create elaborate worlds in Minecraft and make you think they’re a future city planner or possible architectural genius…

lifeofdustee / Via

8. But they also sometimes ask, "How much longer until we get home?" when you're literally driving around your own neighborhood.

ourhourof / Via

9. The things they do at the talent show or school performance make you swell with pride…. / Via Creative Commons

10. But then they also do this kind of performance:

Instagram: @luvtaylorcherrell

11. They can surprise you with a sophisticated understanding of a complex issue…

KidPresident / Via Instagram: @iamkidpresident

12. But then they crack up endlessly after calling Valentine’s Day “Poopentine’s Day.” / Via Creative Commons

13. They can tell a joke that is legitimately funny…

14. But then they don't really understand how to tell a freaking "knock knock" joke.


15. They can show surprising empathy…

(You can donate to her cause here.)

(You can donate to her cause here.)

16. But then they can throw a fit when you suggest they share their treat with another kid. / Via Creative Commons

17. Basically, you’re not sure if you should prepare yourself for your kid becoming a future world leader…

Jim Chapin / AFP / Getty Images

18. Or if you should prepare yourself for having them live with you a long, long time.


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