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    18 Scarily Funny "It" Memes That Will Make You Sh-It Yourself With Laughter

    After all that screaming you deserve a laugh.

    1. This cautionary tale.

    2. And this, uh, recommendation.

    3. You didn't think this meme would escape the It treatment, did you?

    4. Star Wars fans got in on the act.

    5. And so did Bring It On fans?

    6. This pun that tried — and failed — to make me afraid of pizza.

    7. This throw down.

    8. This deep thought.

    9. And this one.

    10. This Batman mashup.

    And then there is this "Pennywise in the gutter" meme that people have had a whole lot of fun with:

    11. And honestly? These lines would work on most of us.

    12. Yup.

    13. Hard yes!

    14. This line is very dangerous this time of year.

    15. OMG.

    16. Tempting.

    17. Damn you, Pennywise.

    18. And lastly there is this one that took things in another direction.