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    18 Infuriating Things Customers Do That Prove Retail Workers Need A Damn Raise

    Deep breaths, people.

    1. They try stuff on and just leave it...everywhere.

    2. I mean, people just walked away from this. Really?

    3. This is even worse. These people do NOT deserve delicious chicken.

    4. This mess had NOTHING to do with the fifth of Jack these charmers polished off, I'm sure.

    5. People don't just make messes, though, they also pull this bullshit instead of tipping.

    6. When they DO finally tip, they add it up wrong costing you money.

    7. Or worse, they do this, which should be punishable by death (or at least a "What is your life?" lecture from a grandma).

    8. They leave negative reviews for reasons that are entirely their own fault.

    9. Oh, and when they pay for stuff they hand their money over looking like this.

    10. Or they pay for $600 worth of stuff with...this.

    11. They continue to sit at their table hours after closing time, totally indifferent to the fact you have to wait around for them to leave so you can close up.

    12. I mean, the stacked chairs didn't give them a hint?

    13. They think it's cool to dump their trash from their car into shopping carts (and, uh, not return the cart either).

    14. And when they do return the cart (sort of), they return it like this.

    15. If you sell any decorative letters, people reposition them like this because they are so, so hilarious and original.

    16. They bring 29 items into the 15 items or less line.

    17. And they leave their drinks wherever they want.

    18. I mean, you must know this isn't cool, right? Right? RIGHT?

    Basically...what Larry said.