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    17 Unbelievably Cool Things You Can Do With — And In — The Snow

    Eat it, paint it, sculpt it...

    1. Whip up a batch of snow ice cream.

    2. You can also make snow candy using — drool — pure maple syrup.

    3. Transform a fresh fall of snow into a canvas to paint on.

    4. You can also bring snow inside and paint it with food coloring and an eye dropper.

    5. Create giant, colored marbles by filling balloons with water and food coloring, then leaving them outside to freeze.

    6. Build a snow volcano and then watch it blow its top.

    7. You can also bring the snow inside for some science experiments, like this one that tests what type of salt breaks down snow the fastest.

    8. Use a Tupperware container to easily shape snow into blocks.

    9. Feeling a bit more ambitious? Use a storage tub to make REALLY big blocks.

    10. Build a snowman — without having to scrounge around for everything you need — by ordering a snowman kit.

    11. You can also try to build something a little more adventurous, like Snoopy on his dog house.

    12. Of course, if your kids are small, an easy way for them to make a snow sculpture is by using Mr. Potato Head parts.

    13. You can also use glow sticks to make snow ghosts.

    14. Take advantage of snow falling on your car by turning it into a character straight out of Cars.

    15. Again, if you're feeling ambitious, you can go big.

    16. Make icicles that basically belong in a museum.

    17. And while you're in the cold, make some frozen bubbles!