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17 Seriously Funny Tweets About The First People To Do Things

The first person to see a sunset was probably like, "Well, this ain't good."

1. Everyday things — like eating eggs — seem normal to us, but you have to wonder how the first people to come across them reacted:

So, who was the first person to see an egg come out of a chicken's ass and say, "I'm gonna eat that."

2. Like, imagine this poor woman:

First woman that gave birth to twins was prolly like “????????”

3. Or what this person must have been thinking:


4. Like, how did this go down?

can you imagine being the first person to try caviar. just tear open a fish and eat whatever the fuck freaky beads fall out of it

5. Actually, a lot of food firsts make you wonder:

who was the first persom to eat a potoato. who looked at it adn thougt "im gona eat this weird rock"

6. Right?

I wonder who the first person was to look at a beehive and think, "those bastards are hiding something delicious in there, I know it!" 🤔

7. We'll never really know how these things happened, but some people have theories:

The first guy to discover milk probably did a lot of other weird shit

8. This is probably right:

The first person to taste 'chocolate' must have been very trusting

9. This was quite the leap of faith too:

I’ve always been curious what the first person to try eating maple syrup was thinking 🤔 #AirportThoughts

10. I bet this one is 100% true:

The first person to make popcorn must have been seriously freaking out.

11. This also makes a lot of sense!

The first person to ever eat a lobster must've been pretty hungry.

12. Some of these firsts must have been really scary:

The first person to discover that parrots can talk must have been pretty freaked out

13. OMG, seriously:

The first person to walk into the battlefield with a full suit of armour must have scared the sh*t out of their enemies.

14. The little firsts must have been no less magical:

the first person to use a paper towel as a lil temporary plate big snapped

15. Like, I would've liked to be there for this:

the first person to use “i know what you are but what am i” must’ve sent the other person to the shadow realm

16. How DID they end up doing this?

I wonder who the first person was to go “Oh hey, tobacco I’m gonna roll that shit up and smoke it”

17. And this one must have given a fright for sure!

The first person to see a sunset was probably like well this ain't good.

Early people, you were wild! God bless ya!


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