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17 Toy Stores That Will Change Your Kids' Lives

Your kids want to go to there.

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1. Hamley's in London, England

Rob Stothard / Getty Images News, Flickr: jagrap

Why kids love it: Known as the largest toy store in the world, this massive kids' paradise has seven stories, each of which has its own theme. Kids will enjoy the staff, too, who perform magic tricks and do demonstrations of the toys.

2. Lark Toys in Kellogg, Minnesota

Flickr: contusion

Why kids love it: This 20,000 square foot toy store sells a variety of toys, most notably their own handmade heirloom wooden ones. Lark's is more than just a toy store, though, as it has a carousel, miniature golf course, and candy store.

Flickr: yukino / Via Creative Commons

Why kids love it: This amazing store is packed with stuffed animals, toys, and trinkets that reflect the Japanese sensibility in a remarkable way. You won't find most of this stuff at Toys "R" Us, and that's a good thing.

4. Playthings Etc. in Butler, Pennsylvania

Why kids love it: This self-proclaimed "world's coolest toy store" might just be that. Designed to look like a stealth bomber, it holds over 3000 toys, many of which you can try out right there in the store.

7. The Hospital de Bonecas in Lisbon, Portugal

Why kids love it: Not a toy store in the traditional sense, this doll hospital has been fixing children's broken toys since 1830 (yes, you read that right). It has flair, too. The "surgeries" are performed by employees in white coats.

8. American Girl Place in Chicago, Illinois

Flickr: shutterrunner / Via Flickr: vinniem

Why kids love it: The first American Girl Doll Store to open, it has a wide selection of the popular dolls and accessories, plus a restaurant, photo studio (where you can pose with your doll), and doll hair salon.

9. The Dinosaur Farm in South Pasadena, California

Flickr: jagrap

Why kids love it: This store may be small, but it's guaranteed to blow a dinosaur loving kid's mind. It also has an impressively curated collection of non-dino toys, books, puzzles, and games.

10. Wooden Heart in Galway, Ireland

Joseph Mischyshyn/Creative Commons,

Why kids love it: This quaint shop sells exquisitely crafted wooden toys — usually made by family-run businesses — that are more fun than anything with batteries.

Flickr: cdevers

Why kids love it: The first floor is packed with model trains (both vintage and new) as well as an endless selection of accessories. The coolest part of this place might be the second floor, though, where visitors can feast their eyes on model trains that chug around a three-level garden.

Flickr: visitberlin / Via Flickr: tracy_the_astonishing

Why kids love it: There are rides, 3D movies, and interactive experiences, not to mention a huge selection of the latest LEGO toys. While Berlin's location is amazing, you can also find LEGO Discovery Centers in America, Canada, the UK, and Japan.

13. Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku, Japan

Flickr: st3f4n / Via Flickr: visualanthology

Why kids love it: Gashapon machines are wildly popular in Japan, and dispense a wide variety of super cool toys in capsules. Yodobashi Camera has a floor huge filled with hundreds of these awesome machines.

14. Nintendo World Store in New York, New York

Flickr: rfzappala / Via Kids: Cindy Ord via Getty Images

Why kids love it: This place is a dream come true for Nintendo lovers. It has game consoles you can play, a Nintendo museum, and more Nintendo games and memorabilia in one place than anywhere else in the world.

15. FAO Schwartz in New York, New York

Flickr: 39908901@N06 / Via Creative Commons

Why kids love it: This 150-year-old New York institution is known for its real-life toy soldiers and giant piano (famously played by Tom Hanks in Big), but it is the staggering variety of toys that makes it really special.

16. Barbie Dreamhouse Experience in Berlin, Germany

Sean Gallup / Via Getty

Why kids love it: This interactive experience lets kids tour Barbie's home, bake virtual cupcakes in Barbie's kitchen, and, oh yeah, browse more Barbie merchandise than you knew existed. Berlin too far away? There are similar Barbie Dreamhouse Experiences in Minneapolis and South Florida.

17. Au Nain Bleu in Paris, France

Why kids love it: Established in 1836, this shop has been selling toys for an incredible 178 years. Their rich history can be seen in many of their products, which lean toward the classic and prove they do still make them like they used to.