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    Jul 26, 2015

    17 Things You Should Never Say To A Dad

    Today's dads aren't who you think they are.

    1. "Are you babysitting today?"


    Actually, when you're a dad it's called "parenting."

    2. "Have you changed a diaper yet?"


    This would be a fair question for, say, Pete Campbell from Mad Men, but the majority of dads in 2015 change their kids' diapers from day one. Implying that they don't stinks (like a diaper in need of a change, you could say).

    3. "Looks like she wants her mommy!"

    Flickr: iandeth / Via Creative Commons

    Babies don't cry because they want their mommy. They cry because they want to be comforted, fed, or changed, and a dad can do those things too.

    4. "Who dressed her?"

    Flickr: sydneytreasuresphotography / Via Creative Commons

    Dads hear this whenever they show up somewhere without their kids looking like Depression-era waifs. But dads are perfectly capable of making their kids look cute. Many even do hair!

    5. "The good times are over, buddy."

    DLT Entertainment

    This one usually comes from a boozy-breathed older man with a glittery chain around his neck. But you know what, old man? The good times may change once you become a dad, but there are every bit as many of them, if not more.

    6. "No, we don’t have a changing table in the men’s room."

    It's 2014, really every restaurant should have a changing table in the men's room.

    Don't have a changing table in your establishment? Here is one on Amazon for $158.43. That's a steal — especially when you consider the alternative is having to constantly tell dads you have no place for them to change their baby.

    7. "Is that your kid?"


    It's a dad reality that when their kid throws a tantrum in public they're going to get looks — and comments — suspecting them of being a kidnapper. While it's a good thing people are looking out for the well being of other people's kids, it can also be exhausting as a dad.

    8. "I bet you can’t wait to get back to work!"


    The image of dads who feel comfortable at the office but adrift at home is an antiquated one. Today's dads love spending time with their kids, and prefer hanging with them (even when they're acting like little bleeps) to dealing with TPS reports.

    9. "Are you SURE you don’t need any help there?"


    Asking a dad if he needs help once is a kind thing to do. Asking a dad that same question after he's said he's got it, however, sounds a lot like, "I don't think you know what you're doing. Step aside."

    10. "Wow! Look at you! Good job!"


    This one is meant as a compliment, but when someone says it after a dad does something as simple as changing a diaper, it sounds pretty condescending.

    11. "You’re a real Mr. Mom!"

    20th Century Fox

    Don't get me wrong, Mr. Mom is a great movie (RIP John Hughes), but taking care of your kids doesn't make you a Mr. Mom, it makes you a Mr. Dad. Or, er, a dad.

    12. "So what if it’s called Amazon Mom?”

    Chris Routly / Via

    Many dads in America are calling for Amazon Mom, Amazon's family-discount program, to be re-named Amazon Family as it is known in the rest of the world. Dismissing dads who want companies and brands to be more inclusionary is insulting, especially to gay and single dads.

    13. "Are you sure you don’t want to call your wife and make sure it’s okay?"


    Implying that dads aren't capable of making family-related decisions on their own isn't cool. Besides, dads will call their wives if they really need to. What do you think they are, insane?

    14. "Mom knows best."


    Moms are amazing and often do know what's best, but saying this forever relegates dads to second class citizens when it comes to parenting. Sometimes dads know best, too, or at least deserve to have their opinion heard!

    15. "Don’t you want a job?”


    This one is heard far too often by stay-at-home dads, who do have a job, and a pretty amazing one at that — taking care of their family and home.

    16. "Do you wish you had a son instead?"

    Flickr: shardayyy / Via Creative Commons

    The notion that dads want boys more than girls (so they can pass down their name or some malarkey) is way outdated. Besides, you don't tell a dad of a little girl that he wanted anything else in this world but his little girl. Daddies love their little girls hard.

    17. "Don’t let your buddies see you doing that!"

    Why not? Most dads are proud of the more pronounced role they're playing in their kids' lives, and if that means their buddies see them changing a diaper, doing the dishes, or even rocking a Queen Elsa dress like nobody's business, so be it!

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