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17 Things Parents Would Only Admit To Doing Under Oath

Yes, you're weird. But you're not alone.

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5. Ordered your toddler food at a restaurant just so you could get a little mac 'n' cheese.

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Would your toddler have been fine just grazing off your plate? Of course! But that way isn't nearly as fun...for you.

8. Looked back at photos of your newborn years later and thought, “Huh, they weren’t nearly as cute as I remember."


Hey, your kid is definitely cute. Now. But in those first photos — minutes fresh from having been crammed in an amniotic sac for nine months — they were still coming into their own.


15. Lightly traumatized your kid by showing them one of your favorite movies before they were ready.


You at the start: “Kiddo, you’re going to love Ghostbusters!”

You, a little later: “Shit! I forgot about the scene where the ghost gives Dan Aykroyd a blow job! Where’s the remote?”