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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    17 Things That Happen When Your Kid Starts Talking

    "'Truck!' He was saying the word 'Truck!'"

    1. At first you're pretty much the only one who understands them, so you're basically their full-time translator. / Via Shutterstock

    Your kid: "Ish nigh-nigh blankie."

    Your mom: “Well, I didn't understand a word of that gibberish."

    You: “She says she wants to take a nap and needs her blanket. She also says she doesn't like your attitude."

    2. Sometimes, though, even you don’t know what they're saying, and it seriously frustrates the both of you.


    Kid: “Want zimbft!”

    You: “What is a zimbft?”

    Kid: “Want zimbft! Want zimbft!!”


    3. Your kid's still developing ability to pronounce words leads to some very awkward "What did he/she just say?!" moments.

    Dragunov1981 / istock / Thinkstock

    You: "Dump truck! He said he wants his toy dump truck!"

    4. Other times your kid DOES drop a four-letter word — and you realize it just so happens to be your go-to curse.

    Flickr: donnieray / Via Creative Commons


    5. Because of this you become very careful about what you say in front of your kid, and use your share of "earmuffs."


    6. You also worry a lot more about your grammar, and try to, uh, talk pretty around your little mimic.


    7. Your kid calls something by a totally wrong name, and before long you and your whole family do too.

    Flickr: irenewn / Via Creative Commons

    You: "Hey, look, they made a new movie about Car and the rest of the Peanuts."

    8. Your kid starts to imitate your most overused vocal mannerisms, and makes you realize they're a little annoying.

    Flickr: 73416633@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    You: "Wait... do I, like, you know, really say 'like' and 'you know' that much?"

    9. You hear your kid talking by themselves in the other room and get a little creeped out wondering who they're talking too.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    It turns out they're just babbling by themselves — or so you hope.

    10. You and your partner both wait on pins and needles to see whose name your kid says first.


    Of course, if your kid says “Grandma” before either of your names you can share in the awkwardness.

    11. Speaking of names — you are desperate for your kid to say their own name a lot sooner than they're actually able to.


    You: "I'm Daddy, you're Caitlyn. Say 'Caitlyn.'"

    Kid: "I'm Daddy."

    You: "No, I'm Daddy, you're Cait —"


    (two hours later)


    12. There comes a moment when you realize your kid says words like, “TV, pizza, and ice cream" a lot clearer than any others.


    13. Your kid says an especially impressive word or sentence, but when you try to get them to repeat it for a relative they're suddenly mute.


    Your dad: "Can I go back to my paper now?"

    14. Of course, the minute the relative leaves, your kid says it as clear as a bell.

    15. Your kid's newfound ability to speak guarantees they will call you out, probably in public.

    Flickr: ryanrocketship / Via Creative Commons

    You: "And you have a load in your diaper, kid. But thanks for putting me on blast."

    16. You talk to your kid over the phone and don't believe it's them because they sound like... an actual person.


    You: "Wait a minute. Is this you, Mom, pretending to be the kid? If so, pranks aren't funny! But your toddler voice is amazing."

    17. One day you wake up with a kid who talks so much that you couldn't possibly remember what it was like before they could.

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