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    15 Things People Are 100% Sure About Until They Have Kids

    Raising kids is so easy before you have them.

    1. On food:

    Flickr: jimwall / Via Creative Commons

    "They’re going to be like, 'Mom! We’re out of asparagus again!' And I'm going to be like, 'You guys and your asparagus!'"

    2. On technology:

    Flickr: efnnayr / Via Creative Commons

    "If they get bored I'll keep them engaged with conversation about fine art or some shit."

    3. On TV:

    Flickr: 30866579@N04 / Via Creative Commons

    “And when they do finally see a TV they’ll be like, 'What's the point of that when we already have books?'”

    4. On going out:

    Flickr: ksullivan52 / Via Creative Commons

    "That's what Red Bull and babysitters are for, bro!"

    5. On scheduling:

    Flickr: jimwall / Via Creative Commons

    “When my kids get tired they’ll go to bed. It’s not rocket science.”

    6. On being cool:

    Flickr: jirka_matousek / Via Creative Commons

    "I really don't see why I'd have to stop posting 20 times a day in the One Direction fan forum or knowing all of the names of the people on Big Brother.”

    7. On patience:

    Flickr: jimwall / Via Creative College

    "Kids are awesome, man! There's no way they could ever annoy me!"

    8. On attentiveness:

    Flickr: jirka_matousek / Via Creative Commons

    “I hate when parents go 'Just a minute, honey.' Just a minute? That's your kid!”

    9. On getting out of the house:

    Flickr: webb-zahn / Via Creative Commons

    "It’s really not that complicated. I’ll just start getting everyone ready earlier, you know?”

    10. On discipline: / Via Creative Commons

    "What I’m going to do is reason with them. My kids are going to be all about reason."

    11. On behavior in public:

    Flickr: jimwall / Via Creative Commons

    “They’re just going to know that misbehaving doesn’t fly with me, you know?”

    12. On appearance:

    Flickr: jimwall / Via Creative Commons

    “I won’t even own any sweatpants."

    13. On fitness:

    Flickr: nolanob / Via Creative Commons

    "There’s no reason having a baby should stop me from doing my two-a-day training.”

    14. On social media:

    Flickr: mynameisharsha / Via Creative Commons

    “I probably won’t even take that many photos. I mean, a baby is a baby. You need, like, one photo a week, if that.”

    15. On flying:

    Flickr: 81disasters / Via Creative Commons

    “If I have a wedding to go to or whatever, I’ll just find a trustworthy babysitter who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Problem solved.”

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