17 Things Parents Judge Each Other For But Really Shouldn’t

    "So I hear you're not breastfeeding."

    1. How you feed your baby.

    2. Pacifiers.

    3. Your work status.

    4. Potty training.

    5. What you feed your kid.

    6. Letting your kid play on a tablet or cell phone.

    7. How you educate your kids.

    8. Sleep.

    9. The activities you let your kid participate in.

    10. Letting your kid watch TV.

    11. Using a leash on your kid.

    12. Diapering.

    13. When your kid reaches milestones.

    14. Taking photos.

    15. Your kid's behavior.

    16. For having a messy home.

    "It can't be healthy for a child to grow up in an environment like that."

    17. Post-baby weight.

    Basically, everybody needs to calm down and eat some fruit or something.

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