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    17 Things Parents Do That Confuse The Fuck Out Of Everyone Else

    Kids can change a person.

    1. When we suck snot out of our kids' noses.

    2. When we tell people our babies' ages in months instead of years.

    3. The constant talk about poo.

    4. Also, why we’re so nonchalant about bathroom functions.

    5. Why we carry around so much stuff in our purses and the back of our cars.

    6. Why so many of us drive a minivans.

    7. When we throw out our kids' artwork.

    8. When we post "Happy birthday to you!" updates on Facebook to our kids who aren’t old enough to be on Facebook. Or to read.

    9. How we complain about doing laundry so much.

    10. When we act like we were total goodie two-shoes when we were younger.

    11. When we talk to our babies on the phone.

    12. When we have legit conversations with other parents about TV shows meant for toddlers.

    13. How we let our kids get terrible haircuts.

    14. When we force frightened kids to take photos with Santa and the Easter Bunny.

    15. Why we post so many photos of our kids.

    16. When we eat the nasty, picked-over food off our kid's plates.

    17. When we have our kids spit out stuff they don't like into our hands.