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17 Texts That Will Make Married People Laugh, But Everyone Else Go, "Marriage Is Weird"

For one thing, sexts are way, WAY different.

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1. Married people can grow a little too close for a lot of people's taste.

revdustinrogers / Via

2. Any boundaries you once had disappear pretty fast.

3. I mean, could you imagine sending this text before you were married? Or responding to it so nonchalantly?

agracefulllife / Via

4. It's not that romance dies, it's just that it, uh, changes.

lexgooglemcdoogle / Via

5. You pretty much give up on trying to hide how weird you are, and your spouse seems to love you even more for it.

kristindetroit / Via

6. I mean, you really let your freak flag fly, and they're like, "LOLOLOL! XOXO!"

weedisawonderland / Via

7. You also give up on feeling like you have to say "yes" to all the things you did before marriage.

alexbranning / Via

8. Remember those meticulously posed sexy photos you texted each other before marriage? Now they're a little different.

mandywanzz / Via

9. This is mainly because making your spouse laugh is pretty much more important than anything else.

sarah_cates / Via

10. When you DO legitimately make a move for a little action, it's not quite up to pre-marriage standards of romance.

tiffany_daniellle / Via

11. And, truth be told, it's texts like these that really get a spouse ready to go.

howthelightgetsin / Via

12. When you're this close, you can definitely get on each other's nerves.

kristaulyansky / Via

13. Because you spend so much time living together, you can see your spouse's bullshit from a mile away.

marriedwithtexts / Via

14. And, sometimes, things can get pretty heated.

ksujulie / Via

15. But it isn't long before something — usually food — brings you back together.

kristaulyansky / Via

16. And nothing will bring you back together like ice cream. As any married couple will tell you, the secret to a happy marriage is ice cream.

morganw323 / Via

17. Oh, and never failing to bring your spouse cheese and crackers in bed when they ask for it.

http://caroline.c.douglas / Via

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