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    Updated on Nov 24, 2019. Posted on Jun 10, 2019

    17 Infuriating Moments You Only Experience Once You Have Kids

    Parenting is hard enough without this crap.

    1. You've almost definitely had some drama with a changing table in public, whether it was locked...

    u/tapewormninja / Via

    2. ...covered with soda or something else ridiculous...

    bachisgod / Via

    3. ...or simply in a really, really poor location:

    miniebunny / Via

    4. You've almost definitely tried to pull out one baby wipe and had this happen:

    u/Harry_Nutt / Via

    5. You've almost definitely looked in your kid's sock drawer and found a pile of socks without a matching pair among them:

    woja111 / Via

    6. You've almost definitely been majorly frustrated by one of your kid's toys, like this one that has no off switch:

    7. You've almost definitely had your kid ask, "Can you get these apart?"

    u/the-quan / Via

    8. You've almost definitely tried to pull into a space like this only to find an interloper:

    iwanturmoney / Via

    9. You've almost definitely come across a bag of chips your kid insisted on opening themselves:

    FourOpposums / Via

    10. You've almost definitely been searching for kid content when things took A TURN and fast:

    jimboxiii / Via

    11. You've almost definitely discovered this atrocity in your kid's bathroom:

    ixtlu / Via

    12. You've almost definitely had half bananas pile up in the fridge because your kid couldn't finish them:

    13. You've almost definitely been somewhere with a low light switch that your kid kept turning on and off:

    beeranden / Via

    14. If you formula-feed your baby, you've almost definitely had to dig around in the can for the scoop:

    Jnclarke / Via

    15. You've almost definitely opened your kid's wallet and shuddered:

    banks19 / Via

    16. You've almost definitely noticed something facepalm-worthy (like this ABC chart missing a letter) at your kid's school:

    17. And you've almost definitely had your "starving" kid beg you to make them food, and then they did this:

    H/T: /r/mildlyinfuriating

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