17 Students Who Accidentally Submitted Their Work With Mortifying Errors

    “In the boob The Half-Blood Prince, Professor Dumbledore…”

    Hello students! This post has one purpose — to convince you to proofread and double check your uploaded files before you submit your work! 'Cause if you don't, you could end up in a really awkward and embarrassing situation.

    How awkward and embarrassing? Take a look:

    1. This student gave her essay the title "stupid fucking paper that has no meaning" and then forgot to change it before she submitted the damn thing.

    A paper has the title "stupid f'ing paper with no meaning"

    She then had a meltdown when she realized what she did. 


    don’t worry I gave her a hug after and her professor let her resubmit ❤️ #college #friends

    ♬ original sound - emma

    She ended up sending this apology to her professor who allowed her to resubmit, but people — check your work!

    An image of the student's apology email to the teacher

    2. This student mistyped "book" as "boob," then entered class to see their work being called out in front of the entire class as an example of not proofreading.

    3. Also an example of not proofreading? This poor student who turned in a paper with "dentist" spelled as "dentits."

    Always proofread. I almost submitted my paper with the word “dentits” instead of “dentist” :///

    Twitter: @churrosoul

    Four out of five dentits agree they should've proofread!

    4. This frustrated student wrote, "I GIVE UP," in oversized font in the middle of her essay, and then — oh dear God — forgot to delete it before she submitted the paper.

    how’s school going? well i accidentally submitted an essay with “I GIVE UP” right in the middle so that’s great.

    Twitter: @lindsey_bell18

    Oh boy, that's embarrassing:

    The essay with i give up written on it

    But even more embarrassing? Getting a response from their teacher saying, "That was just a little odd. Let me know if I can do anything." PROOFREAD, PEOPLE! PROOFREAD!!

    The teacher's confused email replying to the "i give up" paper

    5. This student turned in an essay worth 80% of their grade with the file name of "ahhhh shit.docx."

    If you are having a bad day: I once accidentally submitted an essay worth 80% of the uni module with the title ‘ahhh shit’ x

    Twitter: @bakerwelltart

    6. And this student — whyyyyy — accidentally turned in their last assignment with the file name of "last fucking paper.pdf."

    Hello I accidentally submitted my paper for my final without changing the name lmao...

    Twitter: @hashtagiman


    7. Does this student have a cute cat? Absolutely. Did this student mean to submit a photo of their cat instead of their research paper? Dear God no!

    throwback to the time i accidentally submitted a picture of my cat instead of my research paper

    Twitter: @helann_

    8. This student — phew! — caught her mistake before submitting her 12,000-word dissertation, but yeah, she almost misspelled her own name in a giant font.

    Almost submitted my 12,000 word dissertation with my name spelled wrong. Nice.

    Twitter: @ALMarshallNZ

    9. Double-check your digital files, too, people. This student got a lousy grade because she accidentally uploaded one of her bad takes where she sounded very, very confused.

    so i received a 30/70 on an assignment for my honors class and was confused as to why i got such a low grade, so i checked my submission and realized that i accidentally submitted one of my bad takes. enjoy

    Twitter: @g48by_

    10. This student almost submitted their work for their cognitive psychology lab with a file name of "coglab bullshit2.pdf."

    Twitter: @ericgarika

    I love how it's not the first "Coglab bullshit" file, but "Coglab bullshit 2." Explaining their way out of that one would've been quite the challenge, LOL!

    An image of the file with the "coglab bullshit2 pdf" file name

    11. This student almost turned in their art history paper with a file name of "FART History Paper."

    almost turned in my art history paper with its working title :-D

    Twitter: @s13rrast3m

    If you take one thing from this post, take this...fake file names only lead to bad things!!!

    12. Not everyone is so lucky to catch their temp titles, though — this student turned in their paper with a title of "lol rip my chances of going to college 2.pdf."

    @elena_trueba i never was lucky enough to catch myself in the act. this is my submitted title

    Twitter: @kenziewadsworth

    13. And this student probably would choose "not to be" after sending in their Shakespeare essay with this unfortunate title.

    A file with the name king lear motherfucker

    14. This student and Bill Hader superfan accidentally submitted a photo of the actor with their chemistry homework. Yeah. Awkward.


    Twitter: @hoeforhader

    15. This student submitted a paper worth more than a third of her total grade with a joke intro that there is absolutely no coming back from.


    Twitter: @sourpatchsoph

    It reads: "Buckle your seat-belts, motherfucker, because in eight short pages, I'm going to teach you something that I only learned two hours ago. So sit down, shut up, and enjoy the experience of my 4 a.m. caffeine-induced self-hatred-fueled writing extravaganza."

    16. This student left "source shit here, but indented and shit" in their otherwise professional-looking proposal. Oy.

    An image of the paper with the offending text

    17. And lastly, this person accidentally submitted a fake cover letter meant only to test formatting and it...worked out! Well, I'll be damned, LOL.

    I accidentally submitted the fake cover letter I made to test formatting that just says ‘I love ethics and HIPAA’ and I got a fucking interview invite

    Twitter: @tired_bimbo

    So remember, students... CHECK YOUR WORK BEFORE YOU HIT SEND!!!!