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    17 Meals That Only A Stoned Person Could Think Of, Let Alone Eat

    There's not enough pot in the world for these.

    1. These pancakes and syrup — so far so good — that were then inexplicably topped with cheese-covered eggs:

    u/saladfixings / Via

    2. And this pancake made with cheese in the batter (supposedly to keep it from falling apart):

    atkoalaho / Via

    3. This special-order cookie sandwich (that cost $11):

    u/BedJorja / Via

    4. This barbecue chicken pizza covered with a box of mac and cheese, a brick of ramen, and more barbecue sauce:

    u/TheBlackestLotus / Via

    5. These "nachos" made by someone who really wanted nachos, but didn't have any tortilla chips:

    u/HighImZach / Via

    6. This Cheez-It and ramen combo:

    7. And this hot dog in a Twinkie, topped with cheese whiz:

    /captainjenkins / Via

    8. This strawberry Pop-Tart covered in Verde Salsa:

    nosnikem / Via

    9. This double-bacon cheeseburger topped with scrambled eggs, syrup, ketchup, and mayo, then sandwiched between Eggo waffles:

    10. And this waffle, egg, and sausage gut bomb:

    hef_Rocket316 / Via

    11. This spaghetti sandwich:

    u/chettythomas12 / Via

    12. This plate of ramen topped with mushrooms and...sardines:

    yu/Cycl0nicSnake / Via

    13. This improvised cheeseburger using a tomato that actually looks pretty healthy:

    14. And this improvised cheeseburger that sandwiched two patties between a grilled cheese sandwich a slice of pizza...that does not:

    15. This sandwich with bologna, cheese, hot dogs, and pickles...topped off with a Hostess CupCake:

    u/mbrooke94 / Via

    16. This Cheerios and Nutella combo:

    u/call911itsAnna / Via

    17. And this pepperoni pizza/tater tot hybrid that actually looks pretty darn good even with clear eyes:

    /ohyeahthatguy / Via

    H/T: r/shittyfoodporn/