17 Things That Happen When Celebs Win Too Many Awards

We’re looking at you, Meryl Streep.

1. You let your baby use your award as a sippy cup.

I guess when you’ve won 19 Grammys you can give one to your daughter. Heck, Hov could use one as a dog dish, too.

2. Your IMDB page looks like this:

Mr. 92 Wins, aka John Williams, is best known for composing the Academy Award winning themes to Jaws, Star Wars, E.T., and Schindler’s List.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

He’s nominated for another Academy Award this year for his score to The Book Thief. It’s his 49th nomination.

3. You’ve won so many awards in one night that you can barely hold them.

Michael Tran / FilmMagic

Adele won six Grammys at the 2012 Grammys, and now has 10 overall.

4. Having to attend yet another awards show makes you super grumpy.

NBC via gifrific.com


When you’ve already won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and an Emmy, as Tommy Lee Jones has, awards shows just aren’t fun anymore.

5. You accept an award looking like a slob and leave the stage the same way you would a card game.



Quentin Tarantino has won 89 awards, including Oscars for writing Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained. So, at this point, picking up an award is about as exciting as picking up takeout.

6. Or, instead of looking like this:


Or this:


You look like this:

ABC via youtube.com


Ol’ Jack was picking up his third Oscar here, so he was probably more excited about the ladies he was going to meet at The Governor’s Ball that night.

7. You send someone in your place to reject your award.

ABC via lasplash.com


In 1973, Marlon Brando sent actress Sacheen Littlefeather to reject the Academy Award he won for his performance in The Godfather. He said it was to protest the treatment of Native Americans in Hollywood, but maybe it was also because he’d already won one and was over it.

8. You’ve had not one but two incredibly embarrassing things happen to you when walking onstage to accept awards.




9. You’ve won so many awards that you’ve lost count.



Meryl Streep recently told Ellen DeGeneres she didn’t know how many awards she’s won. The number could get even harder to remember if she wins Best Actress at this year’s Academy Awards for her performance in August: Osage County.

10. People can’t believe they beat you.

ABC via izismile.com


Jennifer Lawrence was actually referencing a line from the 1996 movie, The First Wives Club.

Paramount Pictures / Via tumblr.com

So, even 18 years ago, the idea of anyone beating Meryl Streep was ridiculous.

11. You’ve misplaced a major award.

John Shearer / Via Getty Images

Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon have both reportedly misplaced Academy Awards and have no idea where they are.

12. You can barely stay awake at an awards show.

MTV / Via dailydot.com

You’d be bored too if you’d already won 14 People’s Choice Awards, 13 ASCAP Pop Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards…

13. You’re really bad at pretending to be surprised when you win.

The CW / Via singer22.com

Yes, Ben. You won. Again.

14. Instead of savoring the moment at an awards show, you get your drink on.

Paul Drinkwater / Reuters

You can do that when, like Emma Thompson, you’ve already won Academy Awards for acting AND screenwriting.

15. You’re shocked when you don’t win.

CBS / Via gossipcop.com

You can’t win them all, but when you’ve won seven Grammys and 15 American Music Awards by the age of 24 like Taylor Swift, that’s a hard lesson to learn.

16. You’ve won the E.G.O.T.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

Composer Marvin Hamlisch, the guy behind the music of A Chorus Line, was one of only 11 people to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award (aka an E.G.O.T.) As if that weren’t enough, he also won a Pulitzer Prize.

Frozen songwriter Robert Lopez could become the 12th member of the E.G.O.T. club if “Let It Go” wins Best Song at the Academy Awards this Sunday.

Janette Pellegrini / Via Getty Images

He won a Tony and Grammy for co-writing the musical Book Of Mormon, and an Emmy for the music on The Wonder Pets.

17. You keep your Academy Award in the bathroom.


Kate Winslet keeps her Best Actress Oscar for The Reader in the bathroom. What more would you expect of someone just a Tony shy of an E.G.O.T.?

It should be mentioned that there are also signs when someone hasn’t won enough awards.

NBC via l2.yimg.com


Settle down, Brendan, or they’ll never ask you back again.

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