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17 Questionable Parenting Moves That Actually Work

Undoing childhood trauma is what therapy is for, right?

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3. "When my 5-year-old yells out, 'I can't sleep because I'm scared of monsters,' I answer, 'There's no such thing as monsters. Now go to sleep before the monsters eat you.'"


6. "My boy refused to get out of the bath until I told him about the drain monster. After that all I needed to do was pull the plug and he was out like a shot.”


11. “On my son’s 5th birthday I told him that now that he was 5, a blue dot would appear on his forehead that only adults could see if he told a lie. For years afterward he’d cover up his forehead whenever he fibbed.”

12. "I got tired of my 4-year-old sleeping on the couch, so I put a police siren on my phone and rang it at night. I told him they were coming to get him for not sleeping in his bed. He’s slept in his room ever since.”


14. "My knee-jerk reaction is to take something away. So when my 3-year-old kicked me, I said, ‘Stop kicking me or I'll take your legs away.’ I convinced him they pop off like Legos.”

17. "My son constantly scratches his privates in public, so I told him that if he keeps doing it his penis will fall off, his nuts will turn into boobs, and he’ll morph into a girl.”

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