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    Literally Just 17 Dumb Photos That Will Make Parents Laugh A Little Too Hard

    If you have kids, you deserve these.

    1. This mural that made a kid say, "Look, dad! Jesus is doing the floss!"

    u/mbray / Via

    2. And this kid who would rather draw Danny DeVito and Dr. Phil instead of unicorns or dragons.

    u/Just_Dallas / Via

    3. This menu that kids will actually order from.

    u/kyle47382919 / Via

    4. This plastic fruit that a hungry kid was really determined to take a bite out of.

    u/holyballzs / Via

    5. This dad whose kids — all of them — used his aggravated expression as their wallpaper.

    u/BoogerJankin / Via

    6. And this parent who is trying REALLY hard not to run out of milk.

    u/Concordia_chaos / Via

    7. This "family photo" seen in a kid's doctor's office.

    u/thatbirdwithloudfeet / Via

    8. This kid who got the wrong answer, but also...he's not wrong?

    u/MoonBear696 / Via

    9. Ditto for this kid.

    u/thevoyager10 / Via

    10. This sad sandwich every parent has made the sacrifice of eating.

    u/tinwhistler / Via

    11. This "Happy Vasectomy" cake.

    u/RandyValarde / Via

    You can see more OMG-inducing vasectomy cakes here.

    12. This school's attempt to be cool with the kids.

    u/stndFlower / Via

    13. And this school's.

    u/Rocklobzta / Via

    14. This face swap that is part horrifying, part extremely funny.

    u/SuicidalChad / Via

    15. And this cat chilling in the baby's swing.

    u/taybone / Via

    16. This parent who punished his kid for spoiling Avengers: Endgame by assigning infinity stone-themed chores.

    u/i_had_ice / Via

    17. And lastly, this new parent starter pack.

    u/bossnacho / Via

    H/T: r/funny

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