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17 People Who Maybe Should Have Hired A Babysitter

Just because you can take your kid anywhere doesn't mean you should.

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1. These parents who have a a bar.

3. This bowler who has her hands full.

Good rule of thumb when bowling: Don't do this.

4. The gamblers who brought their "lucky baby" to the casino.

6. And these two who must be related to the side-eye magnet.

7. The parent who left their baby in the middle of the gym.

9. This mom who should have left her baby home watching Elmo.

10. This lady who at the the very least should have hired a dog sitter.

11. The parents who really should be at the puppet show instead.

15. These two who need to get a room... and a babysitter.

17. And this kid's parents who heard the word "parade" and headed down, no questions asked.