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    17 Parents Who Are Honestly Just Funny AF

    They're not laughing at you, they're laughing with you.

    1. The mom who wasn't about to let her kid skip out on a chore:

    2. The dad who was living his best life on eBay:

    3. The mom who epically trolled her kid on Snapchat:

    4. The dad who wasn't going to be ignored:

    5. The mom who knew just how to inspire her kid to greatness:

    6. The dad who took this photo of a "Peppa Pig jigsaw puzzle":

    richo1984 / Via

    7. And the mom who took this disturbing/hilarious snapshot:

    8. The dad who kept his phone up-to-date for trolling purposes:

    9. The mom who was going to make sure her daughter came home after studying abroad:

    10. The dad-to-be who proved he's got dad joke chops:

    Twitter: @BananasPls

    Might we suggest the name "Kermit"?

    11. The mom who played her kid so, so well:

    12. The dad who made this joke... too soon:

    13. The mom who sent her son an Easter care package... with an extra helping of shade:

    14. The dad who left this comment on his daughter's photo with her boyfriend:

    15. The mom whose parenting instructions were kind of savage:

    16. The dad who snapped this historic "got your nose":

    ernitchgo / Via

    17. And the parents who gave their The Office-loving kid a birthday he'll never forget:

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