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    17 Things You Only Know If You Have Kids, Trust Us

    Nothing worth doing is easy, amirite?

    1. The more kids you have, the more your appearance changes.

    2. Finishing a thought is a serious challenge.

    3. And, well, silence isn't really part of your life anymore.

    4. Privacy isn't really a part of your life either.

    5. Changing diapers is a whole thing.

    6. And it remains a whole thing for a while.

    7. Then...THEN...things aren't exactly a cakewalk once your kids are out of diapers.

    8. Because of all this drama, your mother (or mother-in-law) doesn't have to ask twice.

    9. You have to raise your voice...a lot.

    10. But you also have to fight the urge to raise your voice...a lot.

    11. Skipping nap time is a serious mistake.

    12. And your kids are constantly dirtying their clothes.

    13. "That kid" usually ends up being YOUR kid.

    14. You've discovered the value of finding a real mom/dad friend.

    15. Starting bedtime is never easy.

    16. And it doesn't get any easier once you get your kid into their room.

    17. Thankfully, you do make it to the end of the night in one piece...pretty much.