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Remember Newspapers? Here Are 17 Times They Failed Epically

All the news that's fit to print...and a bunch of crap that's not.

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1. This headline typo that somehow made this story even grosser.

lvturtle / Via

2. And this headline by a copy editor who got "firsthand" experience screwing up.

dharma69 / Via

3. This unfortunate layout...

funny_posts_regularly / Via

4. ...and this one...

sarahjanegibson83 / Via

5. And this one.

spencerhawken / Via

6. This stack of newspapers that, uh, got less impressive as the day went on.

the1knwnasbatman / Via

7. This headline that shouted, "Extra! Extra! Read all about the first frog in the majors!"

mnac_1985 / Via

8. This headline that was typo free, but unfortunate nonetheless.

xifearx / Via

9. This sentence that will make you go, "That's not how that works."

10. And this headline that will make you go, "Well, that's one sports injury I hadn't heard before!"

leachtaylor / Via

11. This photo that somehow everyone at the paper approved.

sue_graber / Via

12. And this one that got published without anyone saying, "You know what? Let's go with the OTHER photo of her."

jsum27 / Via

13. This placeholder headline that became an actual headline.

jzubu / Via

14. And this one that was even more embarrassing.

johnscottcothill / Via

15. Then there was this headline that only makes sense if you're stoned.

xifearx / Via

16. You can file this one under "stoner thoughts" as well.

triple_threat_memes / Via

17. And lastly, there was this bombshell bit of breaking news!

arbitrary_shoe_49 / Via


An earlier version of this post had a title that said it had 19 items instead of 17. Yes, a post making fun of headline errors in newspapers had a headline error itself. Oy! How’s that for irony? Wait, would that be irony? Forget I said “irony.” I don’t want to make another mortifying mistake. The author is currently eating a large slice of humble pie while drowning in shame and embarrassment. As a means of penance, he will buy a newspaper tomorrow.

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