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    May 1, 2020

    17 Kids Who Have Had Enough Of Their Parents' Crap In Quarantine

    These kids are not be messed with.

    1. This kid who, after his parents complained he'd worn pajamas too many days in a row, came out of his room like this:

    u/ladydanger2020 / Via

    2. And this kid who just needs a BREAK:

    The 5-year-old a few doors down just slammed out his back door yelling "I'm getting a little tired of you people!"

    3. This Harry Potter fan who is done with mom:

    Ya'll. If my kid "Avada Kedavra"s me ONE more time...

    4. This kid who is done with dad:

    My 4 year old came downstairs and asked me what his stuffed bunny did for a living. Over the next few minutes I guessed farmer, fireman, astronaut and race car driver until my son deadpanned, "he doesn't have a job because he's not real," while glaring at me like I'm an idiot.

    5. And this teen who is done with, well, everyone:

    Not to brag, but my teen not only practices social distancing, she practices family distancing too

    6. This kid who took a little Wite-Out to the can of soup his mom planned to make for lunch:

    u/7bottlesofwine / Via

    7. And this kid who is done living on dad's time:

    Told my kid we have to wait until 6 o’clock to watch his show and he flipped the clock upside down at 4:09

    8. This kid who gave mom this A+ kid version of FU:

    “I can’t hear you because my eyes are closed.” - my kid, showing off my exemplary homeschool skills

    9. And this kid who is tired of his dad's attitude:

    my kid didnt want the broken cookie so I told him that when he eats it it breaks in his mouth anyway and he just said "don't be clever"

    10. This kid who can no longer be trusted:

    4- Mommy I got you water. M- oh thank you! Where is it from? 4- The bathroom M- From the sink? 4- Yes. M- Not the toilet? 4- no. M- You got it from the tap in the bathroom? 4- yes M- ok, that's very sweet. *drinks suspiciously* 4- .... so, do you think it tastes good?

    11. Ditto for this one:

    Toddler: I made some soup so you don’t get the virus Me: aww thank you [takes pretend drink] yum Toddler: I put poison in it Me [takes real drink]

    12. This kid who has perfected smart-ass trolling:

    Me: I’m growing tired of repeating myself. 8yo: You’re growing tired of what? Me: Repeating myself.

    13. This kid who invented a new word to express their frustration:

    Me: Why did you leave your socks on the couch? 8: Somewhy (shrugs) 12: Somewhy isn’t a word. Me: Well, it should be.

    14. And this kid who isn't happy with their new homeschool teacher and their digraph lesson:

    u/ShugarShorts / Via

    15. This kid who knows exactly how to get back at dad:

    My kid on a zoom call: my dad has his birthday in July. He’s going to be 49. I’m fucking 37.

    16. This kid who knows just how to get back at mom:

    2: [looks at old photo] Papa you have no beard? Me: That was a long time ago, before Papa grew one. 4: [looks at same photo] This before Mama had one, too? My wife: Me: [sighs] 4 years. You had a good run, son.

    17. And this kid who is DONE and hitting the road:

    7 is running away, so he packed his bookbag with two puzzles and a pair of toy binoculars. He'll be fine.

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