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    17 Hilarious Twitter Threads That Went Viral Because They're Just That Good

    This is basically Twitter's Greatest Hits.

    Have you ever fallen down a rabbit hole on a Twitter thread, reading response after response? OF COURSE YOU HAVE, YOU'RE HERE!

    Well, I hope you're ready to fall down some more rabbit holes, because we've rounded up some of the funniest and/or just plain outrageously entertaining threads that will keep you scrolling for days:

    1. Like these photos women shared of the weird stuff they found in guy's bathrooms.

    ladies what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a boy’s bathroom? allow me to start

    The photos are alarming, hilarious (or both).

    2. Also funny? People confessing the obvious things they only just realized.

    What's the most mundane but thunderous epiphany you ever had? Something so ridiculously dull or elementary that still bowled you over when you figured it out?

    Like this guy's hilarious realization.

    @sproudfoot @ChickenPoutine I thought Arson was a guy. The news would say "Arson is suspected." And I was like, 'Another one?!? They gotta catch this guy!'

    3. These people's awkward moments — inspired by the tweet below — will have you cringe-laughing.

    Airport cashier: "Have a safe flight." Me: "You too!" I CAN NEVER COME HERE AGAIN.

    Awkward, yes?

    @TheBloggess Walked up to a baby-holding stranger (thinking it was my sister) at my daughter's soccer game and said "Give me the baby." 😳

    4. This thread dedicated to ridiculous names real people have is seriously funny too.

    What is the most ridiculous name you’ve ever come across in real life? I once met a kid who swore blind his friend’s dad was called Malcolm Powder

    Did you know about the one and only Jan Sandwich?

    @thepunningman @Fred_Delicious I was once sitting in a hospital waiting area and the receptionist called out for Jan Sandwich

    5. This thread about the over-the-top lies people told for personal gain will leave your jaw wide open.

    when I moved in with Steve three months into our relationship it’s because I lied and said I was getting evicted and needed a place to live when in fact I just wanted to move in ok please tell me about your over-the-top lies for personal gain

    Wow, just wow.

    @Nicole_Cliffe My husband and I told our kids Barney died so we wouldn’t have to watch it anymore.

    6. And while we're on the subject of lies, why not get lost in the dumbest ones people ever told?

    What’s the dumbest lie you’ve told?

    How dumb are these lies? Pretty, pretty dumb.

    @elizaskinner I used to tell people that I was the voice that whispered “zoom zoom” at the end of Mazda commercials.

    7. For something a little more uplifting, here people share photos of their grandparents looking fly back in the day.

    Also for no reason whatsoever, if you've got pics of your grandparents looking fly, let's see 'em! 😍

    Like this terrific-looking future grandmother.

    @IsaacFitzgerald This is my favorite picture of my grandmother.

    8. This thread of people sharing the times they met celebrities — but in the most boring way possible! — is surprisingly engrossing.

    Your most boring, mundane, inconsequential celebrity encounter. Go!

    This fan just got directions to the bathroom, but they're directions from Lydia Deetz herself!

    I asked Winona Ryder where the bathroom was, and she very kindly said it was “down the hall.”

    9. This thread will just make you laugh — people sharing the things they thought were fancy as kids.

    Ok what was the thing you thought was VERY fancy as a kid that turned out not to be? I thought Jägermeister was for sophisticated ladies because my mom sometimes sipped some out of a cordial glass at bedtime.

    Like this former kid who thought he knew fine dining.

    @ArielDumas I thought Red Lobster was the pinnacle of fine dining.

    10. While we're talking about kids, here people confess the dumb things they did growing up.

    What’s the dumbest shit you ever did as a kid? My shining moment was when I was like 4? I put floaties on my feet and jumped into a pool thinking I’d walk on water. I almost drowned.

    Yep, he did that.

    @MotherOfDoggons When I was 5 I put M&Ms in my ear so I could hear them talk like the commercials

    11. And here's one more funny thread about kids, this time about the dumb things people believed growing up.

    Where's that 'ridiculous things you believed as a kid' thread? Because I just remembered that I used to think the two teams on University Challenge were stacked one on top of the other like the way it's cut together.

    Like, lol.

    @strongmisgiving When a song was being played on the radio, I thought the whole band just popped into the room with the radio presenter, then left once they’d finished.

    12. This thread full of weird confessions will have you nodding along or saying, "Whaaa?"

    Weird Confessions: lets hear them

    Come on, you do this too, right?

    @drakesbrother when i’m in my car i talk by myself as if i were getting interviewed on tv

    13. This thread about the craziest things that happened to people during sex will make you go, "Wow."

    Whats the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you during sex???

    What's that? You want an example? Um, OK, but don't forget you asked.

    Had sex with my ex in her older brothers bed, she squirted & we left it like that. He came home about 2 hours later & laid in it. We heard him say “must still be damp from the dryer”...

    14. Back to some less shocking fun — people sharing the most ridiculous Christmas gifts they ever received.

    What’s the most ridiculous thing you got for Christmas I’ll start

    This lady was given a shower curtain with her husband's photo on her husband. 😂🤣

    @BPtheGasStation Well my husband got me a shower curtain with him on it...

    15. If you've ever had a bad boss, these boss horror stories are for you.

    what's your most insane boss story? extra points for shit that seems unbelievable but Actually Happened

    Um, ew?

    @ChrisCaesar One time my boss ate all of the breading off of 3 pieces of leftover fried chicken I brought to work for lunch and then put the naked chicken back into the breakroom fridge like nothing happened.

    16. Here's a relatable and funny thread where people share the words that their family — and only their family — uses.

    What words, expressions, or pronunciations are unique to your familiolect? Quote-tweet with your favourites!

    You don't say "pizza bones," right?

    We used to refer to uneaten pizza crusts as "pizza bones". And my dad calls the room where is computer is the "computorium".

    17. And this thread of people sharing the most implausible things that happened to them will have you eating the proverbial popcorn.

    OK Twitter. It's late but let's see if we can make this interesting: What is the least plausible story about yourself that's true?

    Mom! I mean...Mom!!!

    My mother secretly gave away my pet guinea pigs to the animal shelter. The next day at school the shelter did a show&tell in my classroom and brought my guinea pigs 😭

    See you on the other side!!!