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    17 Indignities Pregnant Pam Suffered On “The Office”

    Dwight alone would have been more than enough to deal with, tbh.

    Pam was pregnant twice while at Dunder Mifflin, and her co-workers didn't make either pregnancy easy.

    To be fair, though, she probably knew in advance exactly what she was in store for.

    Yeah, she definitely knew.

    1. But she did put up with a LOT, like when Michael showed off her ultrasound like this:

    2. Or when Ryan mansplained pregnancy:

    3. There was also the time she made the mistake of asking Dwight if she was still attractive:

    4. Or when she tried to high-five him:

    5. She endured Angela giving them nicknames:

    6. And dealt with Angela's over-the-top pregnancy judgment:

    7. She didn't exactly find a mom mentor in Meredith:

    8. Stanley wasn't thrilled about the pregnancy either:

    9. And Andy was perhaps a tad too thrilled:

    10. She had to deal with Creed being, well, Creed.

    11. She got this response when she was having morning sickness and asked Phyllis to change her soap because it was perfumy:

    12. None of her co-workers had a sense of boundaries:

    13. Like...none of them:


    14. Even when they tried to be supportive, things often got uncomfortable:

    15. And then there was Kevin, who insisted on joining her in eating for two:

    16. He also gave this cringe-inducing explanation of how he knew Pam was pregnant:

    17. Not even Jim was immune to the piling on:

    But in the end, I don't think Pam would change any of it for the world.