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    17 "Before And After" Photos That Left My Jaw Hanging Open

    Two photos, one absolutely amazing story.

    1. A Viking axe as it was found and after restoration:

    u/Petaaa / Via

    2. Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1860 (10 months before his inauguration) and on Feb. 5, 1865 (a couple months before the end of the Civil War):

    William Marsh/Alexander Gardner

    3. A scene from 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes before and after the digital visual effects were added:

    20th Century Fox

    4. Along the same lines, two scenes from 2013's The Great Gatsby before and after the digital visual effects were added:

    Warner Bros.

    5. A 19th century oil panting before and after restoration:

    You can check out a video of the full transformation here.

    6. OJ Simpson's book If I Did It (where he laid out what he called a "hypothetical" description of how he could have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman) before and after a bankruptcy court awarded the book's rights to the Goldman family.

    Beaufort Books

    The Goldmans added "Confessions of the Killer" to the title and put the "f" inside the "I" of "If" to make it look more like "I Did It."

    7. An Asian woman before drinking alcohol and after when she experienced "Asian flush":

    Vox / Via

    Watch a video on this woman's experience that explains "Asian flush" here.

    8. Houston before and after 2017's Hurricane Harvey hit:

    u/pandamoaniack / Via

    9. Transition contacts before and after going into the sunlight:

    u/camerontylek / Via

    10. A bald eagle who'd had his beak shot off by a poacher before and after receiving a prosthetic beak:

    Glen Hush/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    11. A woman's hair before and after visiting her hairdresser:

    u/Xinthiahhh / Via

    12. A girl's braces when they were first put on and right before they came off:

    u/jukiel19 / Via

    13. The AT&T logo as it first appeared in 1885 and how it appears today:


    14. Basil before and after being watered:

    u/dizzielizzieinatizzy / Via

    15. A 1929 copy of Machinary's Handbook before being rebound:

    u/gmmolina13 / Via

    16. The Swedish town of Söderhamn in 1920 and a hundred years later:

    u/JOELDUDS / Via

    17. And a deaf dog before and after his owner signed "Good dog" at him:

    WakeUpTomorrow / Via

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