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    17 "Before And After" Photos That Left My Jaw Hanging Open

    Two photos, one absolutely amazing story.

    1. A Viking axe as it was found and after restoration:

    2. Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1860 (10 months before his inauguration) and on Feb. 5, 1865 (a couple months before the end of the Civil War):

    3. A scene from 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes before and after the digital visual effects were added:

    4. Along the same lines, two scenes from 2013's The Great Gatsby before and after the digital visual effects were added:

    5. A 19th century oil panting before and after restoration:

    6. OJ Simpson's book If I Did It (where he laid out what he called a "hypothetical" description of how he could have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman) before and after a bankruptcy court awarded the book's rights to the Goldman family.

    7. An Asian woman before drinking alcohol and after when she experienced "Asian flush":

    8. Houston before and after 2017's Hurricane Harvey hit:

    9. Transition contacts before and after going into the sunlight:

    10. A bald eagle who'd had his beak shot off by a poacher before and after receiving a prosthetic beak:

    11. A woman's hair before and after visiting her hairdresser:

    12. A girl's braces when they were first put on and right before they came off:

    13. The AT&T logo as it first appeared in 1885 and how it appears today:

    14. Basil before and after being watered:

    15. A 1929 copy of Machinary's Handbook before being rebound:

    16. The Swedish town of Söderhamn in 1920 and a hundred years later:

    17. And a deaf dog before and after his owner signed "Good dog" at him: