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17 Husbands Who Will Make You Want To Be Single...Forever

No one ever said "I do" to this foolishness.

1. The husband who — after being asked repeatedly to replace the toilet paper roll — did this:

2. And the husband who put dirty clothes on top of — instead of inside — the laundry basket:

3. The husband who opened a box like this:

4. And the husband who left this note in his wife's car — despite the fact she's been driving it FOR. THREE. YEARS:

5. Then there's the husband who did this when asked to put the pineapple away:

6. And a (very similar) husband who put the cookies in the cookie jar like this:

7. How about the husband who keeps placing these around the house out of the reach of his wife:

8. And the husband (and possible sociopath) who put the chocolate sauce back in the fridge like this:

9. There's the husband who put dish soap in the dishwasher:

10. The husband who ate his wife's gum like this:

11. And the husband who did this when unpacking the dishwasher:

12. Let's not forget the husband who knew just how to finish off the tree:

13. The husband who opened the OJ like it was an elementary school milk carton:

14. And the husband who did this when his wife asked him to stir her drink:

15. Gah, there's the husband who put this much cereal back in the cupboard:

16. The husband who saved this little bit of banana for later:

17. And finally, the hubby who — after being asked to get tuna from the store — came back with this: