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    17 Customers Who Were Overly Entitled, Spoiled, Or Just Plain Unlikable

    Reading this will make you want to quit your job.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about difficult people they've encountered in general and at work. As good as the responses were in those posts, the comments were even better! Here are some of the best/most upsetting:

    1. "I work for a retailer in Boston, and right after the Boston Marathon Bombing the city had a moment of silence to honor the victims. When our store manager announced the moment of silence over the intercom, a woman laughed and ordered me to help her because she was alive while the victims were 'dead and not going to be spending any money.'"

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    2. "At the charity shop I worked at we had a customer who was so drunk that she urinated AND defecated in the changing room — while wearing a pair of our jeans she was trying on."


    3. "I worked at a very busy Starbucks where a lady came in each day for a green tea and always moaned about having to wait in line for an uncomplicated drink. One day she got fed up with us telling her she had to wait in line like everyone else, so she came behind the counter and started making her own drink!"


    4. "I work at a restaurant, and one of our servers complimented a woman on her purse hanging over her chair. The woman responded, 'Oh, honey, you’ll never be able to afford this.'"

    5. "We were incredibly busy at Little Caesars when a woman came in and said she needed 25 pizzas! Our manager told her we could do it but it would take a little while. Well, after about 15 minutes she flipped her lid, screaming about how we were supposed to be 'hot n ready' and that she needed the pizzas for a birthday party that was already happening and the kids would starve."


    6. "I had a guy call up and yell at me because his new debit card was delayed in the mail over Memorial Day weekend. He finally screamed, 'If I keel over and die, do I get my own Memorial Day?'”


    7. "I worked at a nice clothing store where a customer spilled her coffee all over a table of clothing. She left the cup there and kept shopping around. When the manager came over with napkins, the woman didn’t apologize or anything. She then shoved her coffee cup into the manager's face and said, 'You can clean the rest of that up.'"


    8. "I’m a cashier and one day some 50-year-old woman came in, reeking of weed, and stammered on to me and a coworker for about ten minutes while we were trying to get her to take her purchases and leave. In the process, she held up a line which got longer and longer. We finally got her to leave, but not before she gave us a hotel key from another state and told us to throw it away for her."


    9. "My daughter worked at Sephora, and once — when the checkout line was really long — a woman cut in front of everyone saying, ‘I need to go first because I just know I’m spending more money today than the lot of you.'"


    10. "I worked at a dollar store where I saw a lady put a glass bottle of perfume down her pants. When I told her to take the perfume bottle out of her pants and pay for it, she pulled it out and threw it at me."


    11. "When I worked as a cashier at Walmart, I had a customer insist that she deserved to check out before the people in front of her because she was on her lunch break and running late."


    12. "I work at a rental car company, and once a man tried to return a car to us from a totally different rental company. When I told him he was on the wrong lot and that his rental return spot was a couple entrances down, he yelled, 'How the fuck am I supposed to know this?! This is fucking stupid! Your whole area is a fucking mess! What the fuck am I supposed to do now?!'"


    13. "There was an armed robbery at a store my sister and I worked at. Once the robbers left, we locked the doors and waited for the cops. Suddenly, a woman knocked on the door, so I told her, 'Sorry, just robbed at gunpoint, we're closed for the day.' She rolled her eyes and said, 'Really? Are you serious?' and stomped off, huffy.

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    "Sorry we shut down because A) we have to deal with the cops, and B) A GUN WAS IN MY FACE."


    14. "I’m a server at the Cheesecake Factory, and the other day a lady complained that her bread was cold and hard. I apologized and said I would see what I could do. She then threw the bread — hitting me in the chest — and barked, 'Feel for yourself!'"


    15. "I was a car salesperson, and after busting my balls and negotiating an amazing deal for some guy, he had a fit in the finance office because he wanted us to throw in extended warranties and maintenance. He kept me there 2 hours past closing on a Saturday (after I'd already worked a 10-hour day). Then, as he was leaving, he told me, 'When I pick up my car on Monday, I’d like to be in and out fast. My time is very important.'"


    16. "I was working the register at a discount retail chain when this older lady came in and tossed at me a crinkled receipt...and used and shredded underwear. She then went on about how she bought them months ago (well beyond our 30-day refund policy)."


    17. "I was waiting tables at a country club party that had ended — the kitchen had closed hours ago and the bar just closed. That's when a member's drunk twentysomething daughter told me to 'go cook her some fucking food or she'd have me fucking fired.' When I told her 'no' she screamed and threw a tantrum."


    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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